Custom extra wide baby gate for playroom

Custom extra wide baby gate for playroom Playrooms are the rooms in which children spent the most time alone, which is why parents must be extra careful in making sure this space is as childproofed as possible.Star..

Large sectional baby safety gate

Large sectional baby safety gate The large sectional baby safety gate pictured below not only keeps the baby of the house from accessing the bottom of the stairs, climbing up them, and then potentially falling back down, but it also prevents him from reaching the front portion of the home.[caption id="attachment_9660" align="aligncenter" width="480"]..

Baby proofing tailored to Denver, Colorado

Baby proofing tailored to Denver's needs! It's with great pleasure that we announce the opening of our NEW Baby Safe Homes location in DENVER, COLORADO!As of now the mile high city will have access to our trained baby safety consultants who provide in-home consultations and recommendations of spe..

Plexiglass banister shield

Child Safe Plexiglass banister shield Did you know that the National Health and Safety Standards Guidelines for Child Care and Early Education recommend that balusters and spindles on stair rails be no more than three and a half inches apart? Wide banisters in fact pose a likely threat to small children as they can easily fit through the gaps and fall, or even become wedged and trapped...

Baby proofing a Play Room

Baby proofing a Play Room The play room is probably the area of the house in which your child will spend most of his awake time, so it's important that it be baby proofed well enough to allow your baby the freedom to explore the world without the fear of him coming across something that may harm him...

Top of Stairs Baby Gate – Irvine, CA

Top of Stairs Baby Gate - Irvine, CA The staircase picture below may look steep to you as an adult, so imagine what it may look like to a small child, and what the consequences of him or she falling from this height may be.Stairs are one of the main hazar..

Customized sectional baby gate

Customized sectional baby gate Lots of actions can be taken by parents and caregivers to remove dangerous objects from a child's reach, but the most effective solution is always that of keeping a child from entering rooms that hold potential threats altogether. ..