Baby Safety from House Fire

Baby Safety from House Fire According to US Fire Administration, seven people die because of a house fire every day. Kids under five years are even more vulnerable as compared to other age groups, as they don’t know how to escape during a house fire. A house fire can spread quickly, so parents must take extra precautions to reduce the risks of residential fire. This can be done by installing fire safety equipment and a proper planning for safety and evacuation to make sure your children escape safely. Here are a few tips on how to keep your home safe from fire Install and test smoke alarms You can install smoke alarms at every sleeping area and on every floor of your house, including your basement. Using working smoke alarms in the house reduces the risk of fire by 40 to 50 percent. Smoke alarm serves as the first alert of fire to let you know about the danger and provides you a few moments to enact your fire safety plan. If you are not using smoke alarms in your house, local fire department offers them at less cost. You can purchase them for their and use in your house. Hide all matches and lighters out of reach of young children Keep the matches or lighters out of reach of young children. They can accidentally light a fire which causes to the residential fires. Also, hide the other flammable substances from the children that are used in the home. Don’t overload electric outlets, extension cords or wall sockets. Using multiple cords to plug several appliances at the same time into the same outlet could be a bad idea. It is the main reason for the […]

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Important Baby Safety Tips from Pets

Important Baby Safety Tips from Pets It is important to prepare your family pets before your baby arrives. It is essential to make some changes and preparations to reduce the chances of an accident when your baby arrives so that the change is easier for you and your pet. Pets are tolerant of kids but it is important to be aware. In this blog we will discuss some baby safety tips with pets. You can keep your newborn and pets apart for most of the time. Don’t leave your baby with pets all alone in a room and never let them share a common room. Keep your baby off the floor when the pet is around. Pets can try to move them with their mouth and sometimes they hurt them. When your kid starts crawling teach them not to tease or hurt them and to treat pets very gently and calmly. Your pets may feel jealous of the new member of your family while you introduce your newborn with them. Always give some special time to your pets whenever you can so they know that you still care for them. Cats are usually attracted due to the warmth of baby’ cot. Always remember to use the cat net to the pushchair or pram when your baby is in garden or downstairs. Sometimes they will scratch or bite kids when they throw their toys on cats or pull their tails. If you own a dog as your pet, it is important to keep special attention on your babies. Dogs may lose their patience when kids poke their eyes or pull their tails. No matter how trustworthy your pet is, it may bite your kid when they […]

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Baby Safety Tips for New Born Babies

Baby Safety Tips for New Born Babies New parents always worry about the safety of their newborn. Most of the new parents are not prepared when they bring their newborn baby to home from hospital. It is the time where you have to deal with the most important task of providing the best parental care for your newborn baby. It is not as easy as one thinks. Everything you are doing for your baby safety can directly affect them emotionally or physically. However, baby care is one of the greatest responsibilities that every mother could face. Best child care has a lot of tasks, some of them are mentioned below: Be careful with the baby’s head Support the head of the baby while you are holding them. For a few months their neck muscles remain weak although it may look stronger. Never shake your new born baby as this can damage their brain. If you do so by accident get help from specialist, health professional or parent hotline. Baby Feeding Safety Feeding is one of the most important responsibilities for the healthy growth of newborn. If baby could talk, he will tell you that he is hungry but babies of early age can’t talk. Babies need to eat to survive like adults. Don’t give your baby fruits, nuts or other things that present a choking hazard. Breastfeeding is the best and safest way of feeding for babies. Baby Sleeping Safety Baby should be put down for sleep on their back to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Avoid blankets, plush toys, pillows etc. in baby crib as they can suffocate a newborn baby. Slat of crib should be 2 3/8 inches so […]

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Baby Proofing Electrical Outlets For Your Child

Baby Proofing Electrical Outlets For Your Child When kids start crawling and walking all over the place it becomes essential to baby proof your house for baby safety. Most of the parents discuss baby safety tips and equipment but they barely know about baby proofing electric equipment. They are more dangerous as kids can stick into them. This can result in serious injuries or sometimes into death due to electrocution and burns. When your child grows enough, you can talk to them until then you should take care of them and make everything safe for them. Here are some good quality covers to baby proof your electric outlets or for more ideas you should talk to your electrician to childproof your electric outlets for your baby safety. Safety plugs Safety plugs are one of the most common ways to childproof your electric outlets. These plugs are easy to use and your toddler is not able to access these safety plugs. You can purchase the safety plugs of the same color as to sockets so that they even don’t get noticed to kids. These are cheap and make your kids safe. Sliding covers Using sliding covers is the other best way to baby proof your electrical outlets. These covers allow you to have access to the power when you want it. When there is not any use, these sliding covers return to keep access to the outlet covered by itself. By using sliding covers you don’t have to worry about re-plug the outlet after use or having to worry about them becoming a safety hazard of their own. Electrical outlet caps Electric outlet caps are made up of plastic and are flat that make it difficult […]

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Childproof Bathrooms for Baby Safety

Childproof Bathrooms for Baby Safety Like kitchen or other parts of homes, the bathroom can also be more dangerous for kids. The bathroom can be dangerous with poisonous medicines, drowning hazards, or appliances like curling rods etc.   As per CPSC report from 2006 to 2010, there were almost 684 incidents of bathrooms involving kids younger than five years old, 434 of which loses their life, 233 got injuries, and 17 incidents with no known injuries. 82% of victims were younger than 2 years old. 81% of incidents involved bathroom products such as bathtubs. CPSC’s analysis of death found that 92% of the accidents happen in residential settings. So it is essential to childproof your bathroom to avoid messy accidents for relaxing and smooth household. To avoid unintentional accidents add some new safety features to your bathroom. Every bathroom is different poses unique dangers, here are some tips to baby proof your bathroom: Add door lock Adding locks to the doors is the easiest way to prevent bathroom accidents. By adding locks to doors kids can’t enter to the bathrooms without you. By putting the lock outside of the door will prevent anyone being locked inside the bathroom. Install basic hooks and eye latches at the adult height to lock the door from outside. You can use folding or sliding doors as another option. Childproof Toilets Always keep the toilet lid down and install toilet seat locks that reset itself as the seat is being lowered. Curious kids can easily fall into toilets on the head and are not be able to pull themselves out of a toilet. Parents have to tell the family members to make sure that the toilets are locked and close […]

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Window Safety Guard for Baby Proofing Your House

Window Safety Guard for Baby Proofing Your House Kids are more valuable for parents that’s why it is the biggest responsibility for them to ensure their safety and protect them from serious accidents. When babies start crawling they become more exploring and replicating we have to be more attentive to avoid the unconditional accidents at that time. Make your home safe for your babies and provide them a baby safety environment. The American Academy of Pediatrics stated that every year over 5,000 fell from the window. Window falls are the very common hazards and also it is easy to baby proof them. It is important for parents to learn how to protect their kids from risks of window falls. Experts suggest parents not to seal windows permanently by installing window gates, bars or paintings window shut. Baby safe homes offer a lot of safety products for baby proofing windows of your home to avoid accidents. These devices for windows help little kids from falling out of windows and provide the best protection to secure them. Purchasing window safety products help you to secure open windows at a safe height and can remove quickly in emergencies. Baby safe homes recommend different ways to protect your child from windows and make your home safe for them. Different ways to childproof your Windows Childproof Window Locks To childproof windows, the most effective way is to lock all of them. There are different types of locks for all types of windows for sliding windows or double hung window locks. These locks are easy to install and the best way to childproof your windows. Childproof Window Guards The government’s Consumer Product Safety Commission suggests to install window safety guards to […]

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Baby Proofing Cabinet And Drawer With Locks And Latches

Baby Proofing Cabinet And Drawer With Locks And Latches Once your baby starts crawling, you will realize in your house there are a lot places that can harm them. It becomes more important to baby proof your house to keep away your baby from the troubles. You might be ready with some preparation but proper baby proofing is more than that. There are a lot of things or devices to baby proof your house. But, here we discuss about the locks and latches for cabinets and drawers. For example, drawers and cabinets are used to store sharp things like knives and other dangerous chemicals, where these things can be easily reached by the kids. Also windows, doors, and toilets are to be secured to prevent the accidental hazards. To baby proof all these one can use locks and latches to the drawers and cabinets. Dangers with Cabinets and Drawers Let’s take a look at the hazards that can take places with cabinets and drawers: Cabinets containing dangerous things like cleaning agents or sharp knives. Cabinet’s door can harm to little one’s fingers causing serious injuries. Kids will throw out the things across the room from the drawer for fun. Kids can use drawers as ladder to reach higher places. To entertain children sometimes parents constantly slammed cabinet’s doors, which is not a direct danger to child but quickly it will wear on parent’s nerves. Important Tips to Baby proofing drawers: In stores you can find out various types of locks and latches but all these are not created equal. For the best products you can take ideas by reading the reviews of other parents they left in the products. With this you can easily understand […]

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