A Brief Overview Of Some Of Our Recent Installations

A Brief Overview Of Some Of Our Recent Child Safety Installations Baby Safe Homes are committed to making your home safe for your baby and this is our number one priority. Our main motive is to create baby safe environment for kids to grow safely. With over a decade of experience, we make childproofing your home easier and professionally install only the top quality baby safety products like for top and bottom of stairs- customized baby safety gates, child proof cabinet and drawer locks and latches, safety straps for your heavy furniture, TV’S, window guards, safe electrical outlets and more not typically found in local retail stores. Baby safe homes provide services to over 11,000 homes throughout the United States, Canada, England and Saudi Arabia.  To help more families to make their home safe for babies we constantly growing our childproofing services. Here is a look at some of our latest installations Large Sectional Baby Gates Installation of custom extra-large sectional baby safety gates are used to keep your little one away from the formal living room, dining room area, or to keep kids in the playroom. This will help to keep your children out of a room that contains hazardous items and avoid the chances of accidents. Here are some of our latest installations of custom extra-large sectional baby safety gates at different places. In San Diego: Baby safe homes install sectional child safety gate to keep Baby from formal living room and dining room. Del Mar, California: Baby safe homes install sectional child safety gate to keep Baby from formal living room and dining room. Encinitas, California– Baby Safe Homes installation of large sectional child safety gate for extra wide opening to keep little ones from […]

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Essential Tips For Baby Safety For New Parents

Essential Tips For Baby Safety For New Parents New parents are always careful about their baby’s safety and want the best for their baby. They will do everything to keep their baby protected and safe. There are a lot of things to do for baby safety but learning about some important things for every stage of your baby’s development is a great way to make sure that your baby will grow safe and active and happy. Baby Safety Tips Here is a list of few important tips for your baby safety that would be highly valuable for new parents. Safe Sleeping Steps Put babies to sleep on their back in a safe sleep space not on their tummy or their side. This is meant to be the safest position for babies to sleep. Make sure your baby’s head and face are uncovered while they are sleeping. Don’t over-dress your baby at sleeping time, this may cause overheating. Also, putting fluffy toys in baby’s sleeping space may sometimes suffocate them. Avoid smoking Smoking is injurious to health. Smoking during pregnancy or after delivery may increase the risk of many harmful diseases like SIDS, SUDI etc.  Don’t let anyone smoke in the same room as your baby. There is a strong link in smoking and SUDI even when someone smoke away from their babies. Feed At Bed Time During mid night, babies will try to get attention, when they are hungry. To keep your baby satisfied by feeding them before bedtime. One good feed for your baby before putting her to sleep for night, will help your baby to sleep for longer stretches until she gets hungry again. This will encourage her to sleep longer in the […]

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Baby Safety Products When Your Baby is Six Months Old

Baby Safety Products When Your Baby is Six Months Old It may look awkward to maintain your home for baby safety when your kids can’t even roll over. But it becomes more difficult when your baby grows to six months and starts crawling. So, childproof your house with baby safety elements for both child safety and peace of mind when your little one starts crawling. Making a house baby-safe means to make sure that whatsoever he might try to open, pull on, or play with won’t hurt him. There are a lot of safety products that will help you childproof your home and prevent your baby from dangers. You can purchase all these products from a retail store or online at a fair cost. You can also hire a professional child proofer for the proper installation of these equipment. The following steps will help you on your way once your baby is six months old or starts crawling: Safety Gates: Safety gates are essential for six months or young toddlers or when they start crawling. Baby gates are especially designed to fit into the stairways and some safety gates can also be modified to keep your baby away from the dangerous areas like kitchens. Some of the parents avoid safety gates, but these are necessary as soon as the baby starts crawling or walking. Child safety locks: Baby safety locks are specially designed for drawers, cabinets, and other containers that you want to secure to prevent kids from unintentional accidents. These locks will help you make safe environment for kids. While purchasing these baby safety locks make sure the quality of locks is good. Furniture straps: Furniture straps help you to anchor heavy furniture, dressers, TV, […]

Furniture Strap For Baby Safety

Furniture Strap For Baby Safety As parents most people try their best for child safety. It is important for all parents to child proof their home properly and make sure that all the premises are safe for their kids and babies. For baby proofing their home, mostly parents talk about the safety appliances like safety locks and latches on the drawers and cabinets, kitchen, and toilets, outlet plugs in electrical outlets, safety gates for stairs or play areas.  But they hardly know about furniture straps to secure furniture or appliances like TVs to keep them from falling over onto their children. Many families don’t take childproofing their furniture seriously, but it is the main threat for kids’ injuries. It is important for you to know that in every two weeks a child dies and 3 children get injured from falling furniture, TVs and other heavy appliances. In every 45 minutes a child is taken for the emergency care with related injuries. It doesn’t matter your furniture is tall or small, how heavy or light it is. They are threat for children and it is important to anchor furniture and other appliances, if you have kids at you home. You need to secure your furniture to prevent all these type of accidents. Kids always like to climb on things like drawers, dressing tables etc. With their weights furniture would fall over them which causes serious injury, suffocation or sometime death just from the impact of furniture. Unlike furniture, TVs are also the center of kid’s attraction if they are on a dresser or a table that isn’t designed to be a TV stand and also can easily fall over. The TVs are getting lighter in weight […]

Childproofing Your Home For Baby Safety

Childproofing Your Home For Baby Safety Childproofing your home is one of the best ways to create a baby safe environment for your toddlers. Parents always worry about the safety of their children and always think of ways that can protect them from the accidental dangers. Being a parent you would surely want to provide a safe environment for your children to live. Things can become difficult if you wait as 18% of deaths in children are due to the unexpected injuries, other than vehicles. According to a study in the United States, every year over 70,000 children are treated in emergency room for injuries like falls, burn, poisoning, strangling, and cuts. These accidents can be avoided with a little preparation. There are various devices on the market that can help you to prevent such unintentional accidents. You can make your home baby proof by using these devices with the right strategies. For childproofing your home you can include some common things like doorknobs guards, locks and latches for cabinets and drawers, safety gates for top and bottom of stairs, window safety guards, soft covers for the sharp edges of furniture, and secure heavy furniture with walls using safety straps. Cover electric outlets with plastic covers and unplug electrical appliances when not in use. Keep electric wires away from children reach and they must be coiled. Keep your toilet seat covered to avoid sinking. Use non-slippery bath mats and use floor mats to avoid falls. Also, keep a first aid box for normal injuries and make sure every member must know where to find it. All these safety devices will help to protect your children from harm at all cost in your home. These babyproofing […]

Recommended Baby Safety Items Every Home Should Have

Recommended Baby Safety Items Every Home Should Have If you have baby at home, it is extremely important to purchase baby safety gear because for all parents keeping their baby safe is one of the most important things. No one wants to put a baby in a risky corner, so it is important that you take time out to childproof your home from your busy schedule. The fastest and cheapest way to create baby safety environment is to limit access to certain parts of the home that are neither suitable nor safe for babies. The laundry room, garage, gym, utility room, terrace, office, craft room, etc. should be secured with door locks. The interior garage door and front door should have locks to prevent the baby from any outdoor access. Here is a list of the most recommended baby safety items every home should have: Cabinet and drawer locks and latches Properly secure all of the opening devices to prevent your baby from getting into the dangerous smashups and other items. You can buy hard plastic or metal locks and latches that easily attach to your appliances, cabinets and drawers that make it very hard for your child to open them. Safety straps When drawers are open, their front part become heavy and can easily fall over with weight of baby. Secure heavy furniture or appliances like computer, TV, VCR etc. so they don’t topple onto your baby as a result of pulling or climbing. Window Guards  To avoid the chances of falls out of window, make sure that the windows have window guards or if possible alarms as well. Safety Gates At the top and bottom of stairs, and at the entrance to the […]

Stair safety in Temecula, CA

Stair safety in Temecula, CA Children under 5 years of age spend most of their time in the home, and even the best parent in the world can’t be expected to watch over their child 24/7, it simply isn’t possible! This reality check, added to the fact that on average every six minutes a young child is treated in an emergency room for a stair-related injury, makes it fundamental for safety devices to be installed in the most critical parts of the home, first and foremost, the stairs. According to the latest study on the subject, of the roughly 932,000 children under 5 who were hurt on staircases, babies of 12 months or younger were at highest risk, placing stairs as the number one cause of injury for 1 year old children in the United States. The best baby proofing tool to prevent babies and toddlers from getting in harms way is installing a child safety gate both at the top and bottom of the stairs as soon as the child is able to roll or crawl away. Please remember that this safety measure should not only be applied to indoor stairs but to patios and decks too. Pictured below is a black child safety gate that was installed by a Baby Safe Homes safety professional in Temecula, California and was placed at the top of the stairs using a no holes banister clamps, to prevent damage to the stair posts. Included in the process of baby proofing stairs is the installation, where needed, of a sheet of clear plastic “banister shield” or Plexiglas. These modifications must be made in the case of railings that create any gap wider than 3 inches, or if the […]

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