New 2014 Baby Safe Homes Franchisees Will Receive the Senior Safe Homes Franchise at No Additional Charge

San Diego, Calif. – Baby Safe Homes, an international, full-service child safety company, announced that they will offer their new franchise, Senior Safe Homes, to all new Baby Safe Homes franchisees in 2014.  Based in San Diego, Calif., Baby Safe Homes and Senior Safe Homes have enjoyed offering safety evaluations and professional installation of child and senior safety products to aid families across the globe.

“We are thrilled to give Baby Safe Homes franchisees access to the Senior Safe Homes brand,” explained Robert Lockheimer, President and CEO.  “We know that home safety for babies and seniors is equally important, and can be difficult for families to achieve successfully without professionals.  We take pride in the quality of our work, and the peace of mind that it brings to families.”

Baby Safe Homes and Senior Safe Homes are unique in that they offer consulting and solution services that are simply not available in most markets.  Both are easy to start and operate, especially considering most franchisees work directly from their primary residences.  Franchisees enjoy running businesses that help keep families safe.

More information about the Baby Safe Homes and Senior Safe Homes franchises can be found at and

About Baby Safe Homes
Founded in 1998, Baby Safe Homes® is a privately held, family-run company headquartered in San Diego, Calif.  To fill a growing need, the company has developed unique baby proofing systems and techniques to create the safest environment for babies and children across the United States and abroad.  Along with offering a wide variety of quality products, they ensure that customers receive installation services specific to each home and thorough enough to offer parents peace of mind.  Since its inception, Baby Safe Homes has helped thousands to ‘babyproof’ their homes and has become the most trusted name by pediatricians and parents throughout the industry.  For more information, please call (888) 481-SAFE or visit

About Senior Safe Homes
Senior Safe Homes is a professional same-day safety service for seniors living on their own, or with assistance, to make their lives easier, more convenient, and safer.  Senior Safe Homes provides in-home safety evaluations to assess potential hazards, and make recommendations and modifications to enhance daily activities.  For more information please call (888) 481-SAFE or visit