Baby proof a fireplace with a safety gate

According to the US Fire Administration, more than one-third of Americans use fireplaces, wood stoves or other fuel fired appliances to heat their homes. Every type of fireplace, whether wood-burning, gas, or electric, poses a potential danger to children.

Not only can babies and small children get burnt by the fireplace, they can also breathe in unsafe levels of carbon monoxide. To keep your family safe during the cold season we suggest to carry out annual maintenance on your fireplace and chimney, in order to prevent creosote buildups and potential fires. Make sure the area surrounding the fireplace is clear of flammable objects, such as furniture, drapes or newspapers, and install both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. In a study released in 2009, poison control centers reported more than 3,500 cases of carbon monoxide exposure in children under the age of 19, proving how a carbon monoxide alarm is a must for everyone who owns a fireplace.

We all realize the importance of teaching children as early as possible the dangers of a fire, and the consequences of getting to close to it, but when dealing with babies, actions have more power than words.

Pictured below is a child safety gate placed around a wood burning fireplace.


child safety gate placed around fireplace

Child safety gate placed around wood burning fireplace with easy access door and easily removes completely for summer.


As can be seen this baby gate restricts access to the fire place and creates a distance between the child and potential danger. Please note that other methods, such as free standing fireplace screens, can be easily pulled down by a baby, or can be leaned on, causing the screen to fall towards the fire.

This Baby Safe Homes child safety gate is secured, will not fall on top of your baby or on top of the fire, and can easily be removed for the summer, leaving no trace it was ever there.

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