Baby proofing a kitchen

The kitchen holds many hazards for children, so much so that some experts even recommend they completely get excluded from it. We realize how difficult this would be, seeing that it’s a room in which parents spend a lot of their time, so here are other solutions to keep children safe in this part of the house.

Store dangerous objects such as dishwasher soap or polish and sharp instruments such as knives, forks and scissors, in a high cabinet or in a locked drawer.

Baby proofing a kitchen

Safety latches installed by Baby Safe Homes

Easy to use child proof cabinet and drawer locks like the ones pictured above, help in keeping little hands away from cutlery or poisonous substances.

Remember to unplug appliances when they are not in use so your child cannot turn them on, and don’t allow electrical cords to dangle where your child can reach and tug on them. This could result in a child possibly pulling a heavy appliance onto himself.

When cooking, make sure pot handles are turned towards the back of the stove so your child can’t reach up and grab them, and be sure you know where he is so you don’t trip over him while holding a hot plate or a hot liquid.

If you think that the kitchen may be too dangerous for your children to be in, then installing a child safety baby gate at the entrance of the room is another possible option.

Contact your local Baby Safe Homes safety professional for a complete walk-through of your home and for more information on drawer locks and child safety gates.

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