Baby proofing and accidental poisoning

When baby proofing a home it’s a good idea to start by get down on your hands and knees and looking around from your baby’s perspective. This not only helps you spot potentially dangerous objects, but it also allows you to understand what your child can or can’t reach, for example certain drawers and cabinets.

Whether in the kitchen, the bathroom, the laundry room or the garage, our homes are full of containers that could cause a great deal of harm to a small child who mistakes those colorful liquids or pills for juice or candy.

Everything from medicines, bleaches, oven and drain cleaners, paint solvents, polishes, waxes and other toxic items should be kept out of reach, behind a secured latch cabinet or drawer.

More than 1 million children under 6 are victims of accidental poisoning each year. This happens because at a young age children tend to explore the world by putting things in their mouth, so the only way to prevent them ‘exploring’ something dangerous is to make sure they don’t have access to it.

Baby proofing latches

Baby proofing latches installed by Baby Safe Homes Orange County

Use high quality latches designed to be used with your specific cabinetry, and take special care to install them correctly.

PLEASE NOTE that child-resistant does not mean childproof. If you plan on relying on containers sporting that label, instead of baby proofing devices such as locks and latches, then allow us to remind you that child-resistant containers are intended to DELAY a child who is trying to open something long enough for an adult to intervene. Most pediatricians in fact agree that if a child is left alone with such a container, it will take him/her no more than 30 minutes to find a way to open it.

Finally, keep the the number of the poison control center near your phone so you can call for emergency first-aid advice and make sure you know what to do if your child swallows, inhales, or touches something poisonous.

To install high quality safety latches on your cabinets and on your drawers, contact your local Baby Safe Homes safety professional, or call 888.481.7233.