Drawer locks and safety latches

Drawer locks and safety latches are great tools that will make sure a child doesn’t pull out a drawer all the way and onto themselves. They are also important to have in environments such as kitchens, or rooms in which harmful objects are stored. It’s also a good idea to install them on drawers in which you store delicate objects that you do not want a child to get a hold of and potentially break.

When installing safety latches it’s important to choose products that are easy for you to open on a day-to-day basis, while remaining absolutely child proof. At Baby Safe Home we are pros at installing high-quality child safety latches into your custom cabinets that not only, won’t cause damage to your furniture, but that have been tested and are simple to use.


Baby latches installed by Baby safe homes

High-quality baby latch installed by Baby Safe Homes


Please keep in mind, that although safety latches have been installed, it is still a good idea to keep cleaning products and dangerous chemicals on a high shelf, and away from a child’s reach.

If you have cabinets and drawers that need baby proofing or for any other childproofing needs, please contact your local Baby Safe Homes babyproofing specialist.  We are here to help make your home baby safe.

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