Baby Proofing Coto de Caza – Custom Large Baby Safety Gate Installation

We were recently in Coto de Caza California installing some custom baby safety gates.  Since the homeowner had delicate and breakable items in their formal living room and dining room area and a very wide spiral downstairs staircase,  we decided to use the “containment” approach to safeguarding the staircase and the two front rooms of the home.  Baby Safe Homes installed one large custom 61″ baby safety gate leaving the family room area going towards the stairs and living room.  Another child safety gate was installed going  out from the kitchen into the dining room.  This option kept the baby out of the formal living room, dining room and away from the bottom of stairs.  We installed baby safe cabinet and drawer latches int he kitchen and family room, strapped furniture to the wall, installed self close electrical outlets as well as some other baby proofing in the kitchen and family room area.  The formal living room and dining room were kept off limits with the installation of the baby gates so we did not babyproof anything in those two rooms.  The customer also chose to omit a gate from the bottom of the stairs since the “containment” approach prevented access to the bottom of the staircase.


Do you have a unique or custom baby proofing need?  Have an area you can’t find the right baby safety gate for?  Give Baby Safe Homes a call.  We will be happy to provide you with options and assist you with professional installation.

Baby Safe Homes will Professionally Install…

    • Custom baby and child safety gates for top and bottom of stairs, hallways and play areas.
    • Durable easy to use child proof cabinet and drawer locks and latches not found in stores .
    • Safety straps for your TV’s, furniture, dressers, changing tables and bookshelves.
    • Self close electrical outlet, outlet plugs, power strip covers, CO and smoke detectors.
    • Specialized door locks, window locks and window guards.
    • Bathroom safety items including toilet locks, spout cushions and shower locks.
    • Customized Plexiglas for stair banisters, balconies and decks
    • Grab Bars for bathrooms, showers, bathtubs, hallways
    • Childproofing Tailored to YOUR Needs!


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