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Children under 5 years of age spend most of their time in the home, and even the best parent in the world can’t be expected to watch over their child 24/7, it simply isn’t possible! This reality check, added to the fact that on average every six minutes a young child is treated in an emergency room for a stair-related injury, makes it fundamental for safety devices to be installed in the most critical parts of the home.

According to the latest study on the subject, of the roughly 932,000 children under 5 who were hurt on staircases, babies of 12 months or younger were at highest risk, placing stairs as the number one cause of injury for 1 year old children in the United States.

The best baby proofing tool to prevent babies and toddlers from getting in harms way is installing a child safety gate both at the top and bottom of the stairs as soon as the child is able to roll or crawl. Please remember that this safety measure should not only be applied to indoor stairs but to patios and decks too. Pictured below is a child safety gate that was installed by a Baby Safe Homes in Coto de Caza, California near the top of the stairs, near the family room and in the entrance to the master bathroom.

Baby Proofing Coto de Caza

Baby Safe Homes Coto de Caza also installed a toilet lock and self close electrical outlets to help baby proof the home and keep children safe.

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