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Stair Banister Plexi Glass – Safety for Toddlers

Baby Safe Homes recently installed child safe plexi glass on stair balusters in San Clemente, California.

For stair balusters to be safe for children and toddlers, they should be no more than three inches apart.  Anything larger than three inches posed a falling and entrapment hazard for babies, children and toddlers.  There are several child safe options from rolled plastic, netting or plexi glass.  We at Baby Safe Homes prefer plexi glass for its durability, aesthetics and safety.

Stair baluster plexi glass

Stair Baluster Plexi Glass Safety









If you need help with a child or toddler safety for your stairs or balusters, please contact your local Baby Safe Homes safety professional.  We would be happy to assist you with your childproofing needs.

Safety is just a phone call away.


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