Having a home gym is great for working out but is not so safe for your baby or toddler.  Baby proofing treadmills, stair steppers, free weights and other home gym equipment is impossible as they have lots of places to pinch fingers, bump heads or pull heavy equipment onto your baby or toddler posing many hazards.

The best way to babyproof your home gym is to make it off limits to your children until they are old enough to understand the dangers and avoid injury.  Placing a baby safety lock on the door to your home gym or a baby safety gate to the opening are options for keeping little one out of harms way.  Baby Safe Homes has several door lock and gate options that are affordable and non-intrusive to your home decore.

If you do not have a dedicated room for your home workout equipment, sectioning off the room where the equipment is located is a safe option to keep your baby or toddler away from hazards.  Below are some examples of how we were able to divide a room or install a custom baby gate around the workout equipment to keep the baby safe.

Large Baby Gate - Room Divider

Divided a Room to Keep Baby From Equipment







Baby Gate Around Treadmill

Installed Gate Around Equipment Next to Baby Play Area







If you have work out equipment you need to baby proof and need a custom baby gate or other creative solution, contact your local Baby Safe Homes Safety Consultant.  We will help find an option that suites your baby safety needs.

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