Baby Safe Homes and safety gates

One of the main reasons Baby Safe Homes was started was due to the frustration encountered while attempting to make a home baby safe. The first instinct every parent has is to go straight for their local retail store to purchase child safety devices, but this doesn’t always guarantee a good outcome. Employees don’t always know what to recommend and the products you come across are either not sufficient or of poor quality. Since childproofing, along with direct adult supervision, is the best way to prevent household accident, it’s fundamental it be carried out in the most efficient way possible.

Baby Safe Homes is a team of experienced professional installers who have all the right tools and equipment to baby proof a typical home in two to five hours.

One of the many items we install is safety gates.

Baby Safe Homes and safety gates

Installation of a child safety gate at the bottom of the staircase by Baby Safe Homes

Baby Safety Gates come in different shapes and sizes as well as different mounting styles. Choosing the correct gate for each particular situation is critical in keeping your child safe from nasty falls.

Our Baby Safe Homes safety professionals will help you choose and install the RIGHT gate fit for your home without having to spend large amounts of time researching products in stores or online.

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