Baby Safety Gate for Toddlers Play Room

Trying to create a safe play area for your toddler?  This simple safety solution for a toddlers play room came in the form of two pressure gates at each end of the play area.  When our concerned mom called, she had already tried installing several bought baby safety gates and did not have success with any.  Either the toddler safety gate she bought was too small for the opening, too difficult to operate or her toddler was able to knock them over.

ChildPressureGateNewportBeachBaby Safe Homes installed a toddler safe pressure gate on each end of baby play room.  Gates have an easy one handed operation for opening the walk through door.  The door on the child safety gate can be placed in a hold open position for easy pass through when baby is not using the playroom and the door will automatically lock when pushed closed.  

Baby Safe Home also installed other child safe items into the play room to help keep the toddler safe.  We installed self closing electrical outlets to help prevent electrocution, furniture straps to prevent book shelves from falling over, child safe cabinet and drawer latches to prevent access to unsafe items and a few child safe door stops.




The toddler can not play in a child safe environment that mom can feel sucure and have some peace of mind that the baby is in a safe place to play and explore.






If you need help with a baby gate for your stairway or hallway, please contact your local Baby Safe Homes safety professional.  We would be happy to assist you with your childproofing needs.

Safety is just a phone call away.


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