Baby Safety Products When Your Baby is Six Months Old

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It may look awkward to maintain your home for baby safety when your kids can’t even roll over. But it becomes more difficult when your baby grows to six months and starts crawling. So, childproof your house with baby safety elements for both child safety and peace of mind when your little one starts crawling.

Making a house baby-safe means to make sure that whatsoever he might try to open, pull on, or play with won’t hurt him. There are a lot of safety products that will help you childproof your home and prevent your baby from dangers. You can purchase all these products from a retail store or online at a fair cost. You can also hire a professional child proofer for the proper installation of these equipment.

The following steps will help you on your way once your baby is six months old or starts crawling:

Safety Gates:

Safety gates are essential for six months or young toddlers or when they start crawling. Baby gates are especially designed to fit into the stairways and some safety gates can also be modified to keep your baby away from the dangerous areas like kitchens. Some of the parents avoid safety gates, but these are necessary as soon as the baby starts crawling or walking.

Child safety locks:

Baby safety locks are specially designed for drawers, cabinets, and other containers that you want to secure to prevent kids from unintentional accidents. These locks will help you make safe environment for kids. While purchasing these baby safety locks make sure the quality of locks is good.

Furniture straps:

Furniture straps help you to anchor heavy furniture, dressers, TV, computer, etc. with wall studs that can tip over kids as a result of climbing or pulling. This is a common overlooked home threat. Sometimes parents don’t think about furniture, but this is also a serious issue in case of child safety. While childproofing your home make sure to anchor furniture, TVs to studs in the wall.


Plexiglas on stair banisters:

With Plexiglas on stair banisters and decks, you can prevent your baby from unintentional fall off or getting jammed between the railings. It is an important addition for making your home safe for kids. Banisters, Balconies, and stairways are risky areas for children and Plexiglas can prevent unintentional falling off from these places.

Electrical Outlets:

Outlet covers are extremely important for baby safety when baby starts to crawl or move around the apartment. Outlet covers prevent babies from the electric shock by putting fingers or other objects in outlets. To organize all wires, use cord control kits


Window Guard:

It is recommended to install window guard in all the windows of your home. By doing so you can take a deep breath, even if your baby crawls to the window and peeps out to see outside. These will protect your baby from falling out the window. Window guards are easy to fix and more suitable, to prevent a kid from accidental fall from window.

These are a few products that will ensure your six month kid’s safety because for parents it is hard to be with kids all the time. For more information about baby safety products, visit baby safe homes.

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