Baby safety Tips for Cars

Baby safety is the biggest priority for parents, whether you are taking them to day care doctor’s appointment or to play dates. It is important to make sure that your car is safe for your kids. Using right car seat is the best way to keep your baby safe in the car. These seats can prevent your child in the event of an accident. It is important that every child should be seated in the back seat of the car. Here are some car seat safety tips that you need to know to protect your baby.


Back Seat is Best for Child Rides

The back seat is the safest place to ride for children under age 13. It is the safest place in a crash and make sure the baby is riding facing the rear until they are about 1 year.  Check your car seat manual and make sure that your car seat has a seat belt.

Baby safety Tips for Cars

Seat Belt should be Enough Tight

The regular seat belt is not appropriate for kids until it fits across the shoulder not the neck. The lap belt must be installed with the car seat. Put the belt through the correct slot for each direction if you are using forward-facing safety seat. Make sure it is tight enough to hold the kid.

Have children over 40 pounds use a booster seat

A normal car seat belt cannot be used for the child under the age of eight or they are four feet tall. Use a belt-positioning booster seat for the child safety until he’s at least 40 pounds. This seat belt will help to fit the kids properly with the seat. It is used with the shoulder belt and adult lap and is preferred for the kids weighing 40 to 80 pounds.  The lap belt must fit across the lower and upper thighs.

Baby safety Tips for Cars-2

Buying the right car seat

It is important for a baby to ride in the rear-facing car seats at least until 2 years. It is difficult to find the right seats that fit for two year kids as they grow quickly. Graco SnugRide is the best rear-facing car seat with an adjustable base that allows the most leg room for your growing baby.

Installation must be proper

Directions of the manufacturer must be followed exactly during the time of installation of the seat. If you don’t have the directions you can replace it with the manufacturer. You must have the information of the car seat while going to replace it.

Baby safety Tips for - Installation

Make sure the harness is buckled snugly around your child

The strap should be used over the shoulders of a kid. The strap is adjustable. To check you can slip your finger under the strap at your child’s chest. Use the chest clip at armpit level.