Baby Safety Tips for New Born Babies

New parents always worry about the safety of their newborn. Most of the new parents are not prepared when they bring their newborn baby to home from hospital.

It is the time where you have to deal with the most important task of providing the best parental care for your newborn baby. It is not as easy as one thinks. Everything you are doing for your baby safety can directly affect them emotionally or physically.

However, baby care is one of the greatest responsibilities that every mother could face. Best child care has a lot of tasks, some of them are mentioned below:

Be careful with the baby’s head

Support the head of the baby while you are holding them. For a few months their neck muscles remain weak although it may look stronger. Never shake your new born baby as this can damage their brain. If you do so by accident get help from specialist, health professional or parent hotline.

Hold a baby carefully

Baby Feeding Safety

Feeding is one of the most important responsibilities for the healthy growth of newborn. If baby could talk, he will tell you that he is hungry but babies of early age can’t talk. Babies need to eat to survive like adults. Don’t give your baby fruits, nuts or other things that present a choking hazard. Breastfeeding is the best and safest way of feeding for babies.

Baby Sleeping Safety

Baby should be put down for sleep on their back to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Avoid blankets, plush toys, pillows etc. in baby crib as they can suffocate a newborn baby. Slat of crib should be 2 3/8 inches so the head of baby can’t get trapped. Don’t put your baby to sleep in another room all alone.

Baby Sleeping Safety

Dressing Newborn Carefully:

Newborn Baby care involves proper dressing also. Make sure the clothes of the newborn are large for easy dressing. Purchase the large size dresses for newborn from their size and age in months. Always remember to wash new cloths before your baby wears them because sometimes they may cause irritation or rashes to baby’s skin which makes the baby uncomfortable. Always use the detergents that are designed for babies.

Baby Bathing Safety

Just like feeding, Bathing is also another difficult task for the new moms. During the bathing process firstly check the temperature of water. Dipping your elbow in water is a good way to test the temperature of water. The temperature of water should be 96 to 100 degree. Never leave your newborn unattended in the bathtub even for a few seconds. Hold your newborn carefully in the bathtub. Also, make sure that your bathing area is out of danger or there is no harm for kids.

Baby Bathing Safety

Being a parent is the greatest challenge and also the most tiring and disturbing task. For being a good parent you have to take care of all your responsibilities carefully. Then, your newborn will grow happily and healthy.

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