Baby Safety Tips For Winter

Winters are the vacation time for kids. The cool temperature invites them outside for fun as they get a break from regular routines and with lack of discipline they consume a lot of junk food which causes infections. During winters, make sure your kids have enough protection against infections like flu, cold, etc. these are some common health issues.

Baby safety tips for winters

Here are some tips that can help you to prevent infections and your child can enjoy the winter without visiting any doctor.

Keep the System Hydrated

In winters, kids tend to drink less water because of low temperature. Winter is a dry season so it is important for us to be adequately hydrated. To keep their skin hydrated you should make sure that they drink enough water. Try to give those fruits and fruit juice at room temperature. They would not cause any cold when they are consumed at room temperature.

Change the Regular Bathing Bar

The regular bathing soap can make skin drier. Instead of regular soaps, you can choose some milder soaps that can’t harm to your skin.

Massage Regularly with Body Oil

Kids have very soft skin that can be badly affected by the chilling winter winds. To protect the skin of kids you have to massage them with oils like olive oil or coconut oil which are enriched with fatty acids and vitamin E. After applying these you can rub it softly so that skin can soak it.

Reduce Bath Time

Make sure that kids take a bath in lukewarm water. Hot water can rob the natural moisture from the skin. As per expert’s recommendation make your kids bath routine at night time throughout the winter. It will help them to get ready for sleep. Also, reduce the bath time and always use lukewarm water instead of hot water.

Moisturize Baby Skin

During winter’s cold air, chilled wind and central heat all are working against the moisture of the skin. After bath routine, make sure you use a moisturizer on a baby. A moisturizer will provide healthy and soft skin for babies, even in winters.

Dress the Child Up in Layers

When it is cold outside, the easiest way to keep them warm is to dress them in several layers of clothing so that when they feel a bit hot they can easily take off the upper layer. If you see heat rashes from overheating treat them with low dose hydrocortisone for a few days. But remember, it is a medicine not a moisturizer so don’t use it for a long time.

Check the Diet

Check the diet of kids in winters. They need a balanced diet that has the required amount of essential nutrients. Having a variety of candies, pastries are fine, but also try to include green and crunchy vegetables in a kid’s diet.

Also, ensure that your kids get the required amount of workout daily. Add regular exercises and the afternoon game sessions in their daily routine. This will enhance their immune system to fight off the winter infections like common cold or flu.

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