Welcoming a new baby can be one of the most joyous experiences life has to offer. While every child and experience is different, most parents will concur that worrying about their kids is inevitable. One way to dispel a little bit of that worry (it surely won’t go away) is to stay educated and informed about child safety. There are a few overarching rules that we have found to be worthwhile:

  • You have to advocate for your children — This is a powerful one. When it comes to child safety, remember that you are your child’s voice and protector. If you have the slightest concern about anything, speak up!
  • Stay informed — You’re already one step in the right direction by receiving this newsletter. Stay on top of safety tips and regulations by periodically visiting the following top resources.
  • Keep an eye on them — Whether your children are with you, or someone you trust, many common accidents can be avoided by simply keeping an eye on your children at all times.