Child safety gates for bottom of stairways

It’s important to know that not all child safety gates for bottom of stairways are appropriate to be used at the top of the stairs. This rule applies to pressure-mounted gates and especially to accordion-style gates.

Many parents choose the wrong gates when baby proofing their home, and worse, most of them do not install them correctly.

Pictured below is a custom bottom of stairs safety gate that was installed by a Baby Safe Homes safety professionals, who managed to secure the area around this odd shaped staircase.

Custom bottom of stairs baby safety gate

Custom bottom of stairs safety gate


For bottom of stairs, one of two methods we usually recommend is to create a Safe Zone by gating off an area to eliminate access to the bottom of the stairs. Many families choose the Safe Zone method to allow for closer adult supervision. If a downstairs Safe Zone is not an option, a safety gate like the one pictured above is just as reliable and secure.

If you need help with a child safety gate for the top or bottom of your staircase, or for more information regarding our services, please contact your local Baby Safe Homes safety professional.

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