Child safety gates prevent accidents

Kitchens hold many hazards for a crawling baby. They can open low cabinets full of toxic liquids or pods that could easily be mistaken for candy, or they could grab a magnet off the fridge and put it in their mouth. They could also reach for something that’s cooking on the stove or pull appliances or other objects towards them by tugging on electrical cords or on tablecloths.

It’s important to keep children that are too young to understand the dangers of a kitchen outside this hazardous area by using baby safety gates like the one pictured below.


Black child safety gate installed at entrance of kitchen.

Black child safety gate installed by Baby Safe Homes at the entrance of a kitchen.


Quality safety gates are a must if you want to contain your baby in a specific area of your home or if you want to barricade them from a specific hazard.
Always remember to close the safety gate behind you when entering or leaving the kitchen, and keep the gate free from furniture or other objects your child could use to climb over it.

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