Childproof Bathrooms for Baby Safety

Like kitchen or other parts of homes, the bathroom can also be more dangerous for kids. The bathroom can be dangerous with poisonous medicines, drowning hazards, or appliances like curling rods etc.


As per CPSC report from 2006 to 2010, there were almost 684 incidents of bathrooms involving kids younger than five years old, 434 of which loses their life, 233 got injuries, and 17 incidents with no known injuries. 82% of victims were younger than 2 years old. 81% of incidents involved bathroom products such as bathtubs. CPSC’s analysis of death found that 92% of the accidents happen in residential settings.

So it is essential to childproof your bathroom to avoid messy accidents for relaxing and smooth household. To avoid unintentional accidents add some new safety features to your bathroom.

Every bathroom is different poses unique dangers, here are some tips to baby proof your bathroom:

Add door lock

Adding locks to the doors is the easiest way to prevent bathroom accidents. By adding locks to doors kids can’t enter to the bathrooms without you. By putting the lock outside of the door will prevent anyone being locked inside the bathroom. Install basic hooks and eye latches at the adult height to lock the door from outside. You can use folding or sliding doors as another option.

Childproof Toilets

Always keep the toilet lid down and install toilet seat locks that reset itself as the seat is being lowered. Curious kids can easily fall into toilets on the head and are not be able to pull themselves out of a toilet. Parents have to tell the family members to make sure that the toilets are locked and close the doors after the use.

Avoid slippery bathroom mats

Slippery mats can cause serious injuries as kids can easily fall off or slip on the smooth bathroom surface. Always use rubber backed carpet mats for the floor and rubber suction mat to the bottom of the bathtub.

Childproof Bathtubs

Always use rubber suction mat to the bottom of the bathtub that is slip resistant so that no one fall. Experts advise to the parents not to leave the kids unattended in a bathtub. Immediately drain the water of the tub after bathing time is over. Also, lower the temperature of the water to 120 or below to avoid burning of kids.

Put away dangerous items

Parents should never leave the appliances like hair dryers, flat iron etc in the bathroom after their use. These appliances can cause the burning accidents. Also, unplug these appliances and return them to the locked cabinets after using them. Also, keep in mind not to use these appliances in front of kids as they can pull them and injure themselves.

Lock your windows

Assure that the kids can’t access the windows by climbing on towel rocks, furniture or fixtures. Lock the bathroom windows properly to avoid accidents.

Install grab bars in your bathtub

Use grab bars to get in or out of the bathing tub. These can prevent slipping off. These are helpful for kids while they just learning to bath alone.

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