Children and window falls

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently published a study on children and window falls over a 19 year period. The results stated that over 5,000 children fell from windows each year.

You may think your windows are at a height that makes it difficult for your child to have access to them but keep in mind that toddlers will climb on furniture or surrounding objects to get where they want.

Clear areas around windows so that your child has nothing he can use to build a makeshift ladder or that he can use to get to a dangerous height.

Also, more data regarding the American Academy of Pediatrics, showed that 83% of the incidents regarding those 5,000 falls, involved screened windows. We cannot say this enough: DO NOT rely on window screens to prevent falls. Screen are installed to keep mosquitoes out, not children in. They cannot hold the weight of a child who pushes against them, so do not use them as child proofing devices.

If you need assistance in choosing the correct window safety product for your child, please contact your local Baby Safe Homes safety specialist, or visit our photo gallery to view examples of window safety.

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