Furniture placement can often be a crucial safety decision for your baby and toddler especially when that piece of furniture becomes a climbing and falling hazard.  Falls are the NUMBER ONE cause of injury for toddlers in the home and some falls can be fatal!

Every once in a while I come across something in a customers home that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end and when I point the hazard out to the customer, their reaction is about the same. Recently I came across a couch pushed right up against the stair banister in a third floor play room. My customer was concerned about the obvious danger of her toddler falling down the stairs but had not even thought of the bigger, more dangerous safety hazard of the couch up against the stair banisters. She almost cried when I pointed it out to her. She said her 21 month old had been playing up there alone for the last few days and was climbing on the couch. When she realized the potential falling hazard, it made her sick to her stomach.


There are only two options to prevent a fall in this situation. Either install Plexiglas to raise the height of the stair railing or move the couch to another place in the room. She chose the later.












In the photo below, the chair and plants were right next to the stair railing at another clients home.  She also did not realize that these could be a climbing and falling hazard.  Here decorative iron railing also posed a climbing hazard.  We took measurements to install Plexiglas at a future date.



Both situations demonstrate why a set of trained professional eyes can uncover hazards that many parents would never think of.  To uncover hazards in your home, please contact your local Baby Safe Homes baby proofing consultant.  They may find more than you think…

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