Custom child safety gate in Newport Beach

Whether you’re a child care professional, a new parent, or anything in-between it can at times feel overwhelming keeping track of kids who have just started crawling or walking. Eliminating risk factors from your home through baby proofing will not only let your child roam freely and explore his surroundings in all safety, but it will also give you much needed piece of mind.

Installing a baby gate is the most efficient way to eliminate the number one cause for preventable falls around the house: stairs! Mounting a gate at the top of the staircase is extremely important, but remember that a baby that can’t climb up in the first place, will never risk falling back down, so gates at the bottom of stairs are just as necessary.

Custom extra wide child safety gate for bottom of stairs

Custom extra wide child safety gate installed by Baby Safe Homes

Before purchasing a safety gate ask yourself these two things, ‘How many times do I use the stairs throughout the day’ and ‘Will I often carry objects (such as for example a laundry basket) or my child up and down the stairs with me’?
These questions are important in choosing a gate that will accommodate not only your child’s needs, but your lifestyle too. In this particular case, if the gate will be used often during the day,  then you will need a device that can be opened and closed as quickly as possible. If you plan on carrying heavy objects up and down, than find a baby gate that can be unlocked with one hand.

Although child safety gates will restrict your baby’s access to stairs and be extremely efficient for the first few years, they won’t unfortunately work forever.  As soon as your baby understands how to open them or how to climb over them (avoid leaving toys or furniture beside the gate or the banister) it’s time to have them removed.

For more information on how to childproof stairs or banisters, or to find the Baby Safe Homes safety professional closest to you, please call 888.481.7233.