Baby Safe Homes can install Custom Extra Large and Wide Child Baby Safety Gates for almost any application.  Whether it is for around a staircase, an extra large opening or to divide a room, we can customize a baby gate for you.

This particular gate was installed for a client in San Juan Capistrano, CA to section off a playroom from her older boys from her toddler.  The boys love their Lego’s and so did the baby so mom decided to create a Lego room.

Large Sectional Baby Gate for Playroom

Large Sectional Gate for Playroom

This extra long baby gate was installed at the bottom of the stairs in Dallas Texas.  A custom baluster clamp was used on the far end to attach it to the iron banister post to eliminate any damage from screws.

Extra Large Custom Bottom of Stairs Baby Gate

Extra Large Custom Bottom of Stairs Gate

Both these extra large custom child safety gates have a self locking door that is easy to open one handed.   The baby gate can also be easily removed for guests, cleaning or to move furniture.

If you need help with baby proofing your home or need a custom extra wide or large baby safety gate installed, please contact your local Baby Safe Homes safety specialist.  We are here to help, advise and install.

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