Fireplaces and child safety gates

Did you know that the glass of a gas fireplace heats up to 400 ̊F in just 6 minutes and takes 45 minutes to cool down?

This means that children should be kept away from fireplaces not only when the fire is on, but also long after it’s been put out.

The easiest and best way to keep children away from fires, and therefore preventing them from getting burnt, is to restrict their access to it at all times by installing the correct child safety gate.

Fireplaces and child safety gates

Child safety gate installed by Baby Safe Homes around a fireplace


The child safety gate pictured above is firmly fixed to the wall, keeps the fireplace isolated and avoids anyone getting too close. Also, contrary to free standing fire place screens, a child will not be able to pull this protection down, potentially allowing him to fall onto to the fire.

Please keep in mind that pokers, brushes and other fireplace tools should also be placed in the restricted area and away from reach, as a child may think of them as toys.

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