“A Baby Safe Homes franchise has been one of the better decisions I’ve made.  When I first contacted the company, I had so many questions, concerns, and such enthusiasm.  Finally, a venture where I could really help people who sincerely are concerned about their toddler’s safety, and are equally so thankful to me for giving them a sense of security as concerned parents.  Factor that in with a business that is widely-accepted by parents, pediatricians, moms’ organizations, etc, and this becomes  a win-win situation for all.  Baby proofing, being  somewhat of a new endeavor,  insures you of minimal competition as you enter on “the ground level”.  I read somewhere that parents will have spent an average of $200,000+  on their kids by the time they leave (not including college).  That means to me that they’re concerned for their child’s welfare/safety, and will spend what’s necessary to do so.   This can be a very lucrative business for  you,  after you  get started  as a new franchisee for Baby Safe Homes.  The heart and soul of the franchise starts with the Lockheimer Family.   Kim and Robert are honest, organized, caring, creative, and reliable.  Quality people make quality organizations, and, as a Baby Safe Homes franchisee, you will appreciate being part of this professional franchise.   A tv station here in Denver had heard of Baby Safe Homes, and wanted to do a feature on child safety in the home.   I called Robert with my concerns as I wasn’t   comfortable with such an endeavor, and he and Kim Lockheimer offered, without my asking, to fly to Denver at their own expense and sit in on a tv broadcast emphasizing baby safety.  The show went well and the response was very favorable in the Denver market.   Also, I carry a camera with me, and I take pictures of areas in the home where I might have questions as how to best proceed.   I email or text the photos to Robert, and, receive immediate response, giving me ideas that might help to make the installation more effective and/or safe.  Robert and Kim want you, as a franchisee, to do well, and I truly believe the reason is far from economic.  Once you become a Baby Safe Homes franchisee, you are considered a part of the “Baby Safe Homes family” and treated the way family should be treated.   Robert is constantly updating inventory, educational videos, and procedures.   He does not want you to struggle at this.  This organization is really gaining attention around the USA, as witnessed by the many phone calls that I get from customers moving into the area that had Baby Safe Homes do their baby proofing in their prior location, and now want to use Baby Safe Homes in conjunction with their relocation. You’ll find referrals from other customers a significant part of your business.  If you like working with parents who truly trust your opinion and expertise as a child safety professional,   like setting your own hours, enjoy working with toddlers and are concerned about their safety, then you’ll  find baby proofing is a very rewarding business.  If you want to join a family of successful  baby proofers with a  franchisor who wants you to succeed, and will work with you to achieve that goal, get in touch with Kim and Robert and start your successful endeavor.”
Gary J., Baby Safe Homes



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