Furniture Strap For Baby Safety

As parents most people try their best for child safety. It is important for all parents to child proof their home properly and make sure that all the premises are safe for their kids and babies. For baby proofing their home, mostly parents talk about the safety appliances like safety locks and latches on the drawers and cabinets, kitchen, and toilets, outlet plugs in electrical outlets, safety gates for stairs or play areas.  But they hardly know about furniture straps to secure furniture or appliances like TVs to keep them from falling over onto their children. Many families don’t take childproofing their furniture seriously, but it is the main threat for kids’ injuries.

It is important for you to know that in every two weeks a child dies and 3 children get injured from falling furniture, TVs and other heavy appliances. In every 45 minutes a child is taken for the emergency care with related injuries.

It doesn’t matter your furniture is tall or small, how heavy or light it is. They are threat for children and it is important to anchor furniture and other appliances, if you have kids at you home. You need to secure your furniture to prevent all these type of accidents.

Kids always like to climb on things like drawers, dressing tables etc. With their weights furniture would fall over them which causes serious injury, suffocation or sometime death just from the impact of furniture.

Unlike furniture, TVs are also the center of kid’s attraction if they are on a dresser or a table that isn’t designed to be a TV stand and also can easily fall over. The TVs are getting lighter in weight and which makes it easier to tip over on them which is even more dangerous for children.


To prevent these types of accidents, you can purchase some inexpensive anti tip furniture straps to secure even the heaviest items to an adjacent wall or to a secure piece of furniture. It will ensure that if the child climbs on, it doesn’t come hitting down. Installation will only take a few minutes, and it could save your child’s life.

For installation of safety straps always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions but the most important thing is to ensure that the mounting is secure, make sure that studs are attached with walls.  This will help to secure hazardous furniture, TVs and other appliances around your home.

These straps may also be beneficial for securing furniture during an earthquake if you live in that type of area.

With anti-tip furniture strap you can be guaranteed that your baby is safe and will never face any unnecessary injury in your own home.  It’s nice to know you’ve done everything to keep your toddlers safe at home even when you are not in home.

With some planning in your home, your baby will to move safely anywhere in the house!

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