Family Safety – Holiday Travel Tips


In case you’re heading out of town soon, here are a few of our favorite travel safety trips to help keep your family safe on your journey:

  • Have all essential items handy in a carry-on bag: diapers, food, toys, medicine, and pacifiers to help with air pressure changes.  Be sure to have enough if there are travel delays.
  • Make sure car seats are installed properly, and if travelling by airplane, that you have a quality airplane restraint system.
  • Tips for traveling by car:
    •  Thoroughly inspect the vehicle for sharp objects, potential choking hazards, or possible distractions.
    • Loose items can be thrown or cause distraction.  Keep DVD players and electronics in the trunk or secured on a console or under a cargo net.  Provide soft toys and games for entertainment during the ride.
    • Remove all cigarette lighters.
    • Turn on all driver-controlled windows and door locks so your child cannot independently open doors and windows.
    • Never permit anyone to place an object or body part out the window.