If you’re staying with family over the holidays you’ll want to make sure their homes don’t pose any danger to your children.  Here are a few things you can do, no matter who you’re staying with, to make sure your children will be safe:

  • Do a walk through to check and make sure that furniture and TV’s are secure.  If they aren’t, ask if you can help secure them, or simply keep your child away from those items.
  • Ask where the family keeps medicine and cleaning supplies so that you can either secure the cabinets, or know where there is danger so you can keep your child away.
  • Make sure your children have a safe sleep area.  Bring your baby monitor so you can keep an eye on them!
  • Discuss any safety concerns with the family you are staying with.  For example, if your children can’t swim, and they have a pool or spa, let them know.  Be extra mindful to keep your child in sight.