Improperly installed baby gate

Once your baby starts to crawl,  a strategically placed baby safety gate can make your life easier, safer, and provide much needed peace of mind.  

Keeping your baby away from potential dangers, such as stairs, home offices, pets, exercise equipment or rooms that have a lot of hazards, is essential for your child’s well being.

Most new parents, with the best of intentions, visit their local Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby or online baby stores and choose a gate based on their appearance and their reviews. Our tip when doing this kind of research is to keep in mind that appearance is often misleading. Also, reviews are usually posted immediately after the purchase, meaning that the trial period of the product hasn’t been long enough to actually proof it functions correctly. On top of all of this, please keep in mind that buying a baby gate is only a small part of the process. You have to be able to properly install it too.  

Pictured below is an improperly installed baby gate our team has recently come across. This gate was bought by trusty parents, who then hired a handy man to install it in their home.

Improperly installed baby gate

This improperly installed baby gate is not only missing parts, but it’s so far off the floor an adult could fit underneath, never mind a child.


This baby gate is not only missing parts, but it’s also so far off the floor, that an adult could fit underneath it, never mind a small child. 

This gate was a waste of time, money, and only offers a false sense of security.

Don’t risk your child’s safety by improperly installing a wrong gate.

Contact Baby Safe Homes, and let our experts help you choose and install the RIGHT gate the first time around.

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