Prevent tip-overs with furniture straps

Toddlers often see furniture as a fun jungle gym, but their efforts to climb up can throw even heavy pieces off balance. Children ages two to five are the most frequent victims of furniture tip-over incidents, and it is therefore imperative that you anchor all furniture, electronics, and appliances that could potentially fall on top of them.

Everything from dressers, to bookshelves to Tv’s (especially flat screen ones) to your child’s changing table, need to be properly secured and anchored with straps like the ones pictured below.

Prevent tip-overs with furniture straps

Furniture straps installed on a changing table by Baby Safe Homes

Like many other childproofing devices such as baby safety gates or cabinet and drawer locks and latches, it’s important that the safety straps you install are of high quality and do what is required of them.

Inappropriate safety straps will only provide a false sense of security and your children could still be at risk of suffering a furniture tip over.

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