Recommended Baby Safety Items Every Home Should Have

If you have baby at home, it is extremely important to purchase baby safety gear because for all parents keeping their baby safe is one of the most important things. No one wants to put a baby in a risky corner, so it is important that you take time out to childproof your home from your busy schedule.

The fastest and cheapest way to create baby safety environment is to limit access to certain parts of the home that are neither suitable nor safe for babies. The laundry room, garage, gym, utility room, terrace, office, craft room, etc. should be secured with door locks. The interior garage door and front door should have locks to prevent the baby from any outdoor access. Here is a list of the most recommended baby safety items every home should have:

Cabinet and drawer locks and latches

Locks and latches

Properly secure all of the opening devices to prevent your baby from getting into the dangerous smashups and other items. You can buy hard plastic or metal locks and latches that easily attach to your appliances, cabinets and drawers that make it very hard for your child to open them.


Safety straps

When drawers are open, their front part become heavy and can easily fall over with weight of baby. Secure heavy furniture or appliances like computer, TV, VCR etc. so they don’t topple onto your baby as a result of pulling or climbing.

Safety straps


Window Guards 

To avoid the chances of falls out of window, make sure that the windows have window guards or if possible alarms as well.

Window Guards

Safety Gates

At the top and bottom of stairs, and at the entrance to the kitchen, garage or other off-limits area, you should use safety gates to prevent falls from stairs. Always look for updated new models when you are purchasing a gate so that you can avoid outdated or possibly evoked baby gates.

Safety Gates

Customized Plexiglas for stair banisters, balconies and decks

Openings in balconies and banisters are dangerous for baby and Plexiglas are the simplest solution. Fix customized Plexiglas on decks and stair barriers that are 2 to 1/2 inches wide.


Before purchasing baby safety items, have a look at your home and make a list of items you think you will need. If you can’t purchase all the items at once, buy the most important things first and then pick up the rest of the items when you can. It makes you feel confident and will help to reduce worries about your newborn. Happy Baby-Proofing!

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