Safely installing baby latches on cabinets

Cabinets can hide objects that are harmless to an adult who knows how to properly use them, but that are extremely dangerous for a baby or a toddler. Cabinets can store knives or poisonous substances that your child could get a hold of and ingest. They can also be easily opened or closed putting your son or daughter at risk of getting their finger stuck between the door. All these hazards pose a threat that can be eliminated by safely installing baby latches on cabinets.

Adhesive magnet baby latches prove to be extremely popular with DIY parents because this particular format is considered not only effective, but also simple to use and to install. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

Not only do most products easily break, but they also end up ruining furniture, leaving their mark long after they have been removed and are no longer needed.

Pictured below is a perfect example of a DIY job gone wrong.

Adhesive magnet baby latch

Broken adhesive magnet baby latch that was installed by the customer

Damage caused by adhesive magnet baby latch

The adhesive magnet baby latch installed by the customer, not only broke, but once removed, left permanent damage on the cabinetry




































This broken adhesive magnet baby latch was installed by our customer thinking it would serve his family well, and not damage their cabinets. Unfortunately, as can be seen, this product not only broke, but permanently ruined the surface it was placed on.

Baby Safe Homes intervened by baby proofing the rest of the home and replacing the pictured broken adhesive magnet locks.

It is extremely important to choose the proper latch for your cabinetry. Adhesive latches may sound like a good idea, but the reality is that they end up causing damage and not doing the job they were bought for.

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