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Bathroom safety and toilet locks

Bathroom safety and toilet locks We’ve talked about baby proofing stairs and kitchens and windows, but let’s not forget that bathrooms need baby proofing too. The American Academy of Pediatrics warns that toilets are a much overlooked drowning hazard to children in the home. Young children are in fact curious and uncoordinated, if they fall head first in the toilet it’s very difficult for them to have the strength to pull themselves back out. The easiest way to childproof a toilet is to keep the door shut and secured at all times. This may seem like a simple enough thing to do, but are you 100% sure you’ll remember to do that every single time you finish using the bathroom? What if you’re in a hurry and have other things running through your head and forget to lock it? What about family members or guests, will they always remember to lock the door when they leave? All this worrying can be solved by installing a toilet latch. Most people hate installing toilet locks as they are not very pretty and a bit inconvenient, but it’s the best solution to keep your child’s curious hands out of the toilet and reduce drowning hazards. Other bathroom safety items include spout cushions and shower locks. To learn more about bathroom safety please read our ‘Baby safety tips – Room by Room‘ guide and call 888.481.7233 to book an appointment with your local Baby Safe Home safety professional.

Child safety locks prevent accidents

Child safety locks prevent accidents Every week around 500 children under five are rushed to hospital because they have swallowed something poisonous. We cannot stress enough the importance of keeping harmful products out of a child’s reach. Although you may use them daily and not even consider them to be dangerous, your house and garage are full of supplies made with household chemicals that could potentially poison a child. Also products such as extra cans of paint, cleaning products, nail polish remover, bleach and many more, come in brightly colored boxes and bottles, detail that could furthermore intrigue a young child in drinking them or pouring them onto their skin. All of these potentially dangerous items should therefore be either stored on a shelf too high for kids to reach (even with a step stool) or behind a cabinet or drawer with a secure child safety lock like the one pictured below. This child safety lock was recently installed by Baby Safe Homes and prevents children from opening the cabinet and coming into contact with the products stored inside. To learn more about child safety locks and other baby proofing solutions, please contact your local Baby Safe Homes safety professional. Call 888.481.7233 Safety is just a phone call away

Kitchen safety

Kitchen safety Baby Safe Homes performs a complete walk-through of your home and provides a detailed, itemized estimate of what we think would best baby proof your home. It is then entirely up to you to decide how much or how little work you would like to have done. Let’s take as an example kitchen safety tips and recommendations. To steer clear of tipping hazards, anchor floor standing ovens to the floor. To check your oven, grab the back of the oven and pull forward or open the oven door and push down. The oven should not tip forward. Keep dishwasher locked or install an appliance latch. If latching is not possible, point sharp utensils downward. Do not add dish washing detergent until you plan to run the washer, and when not using it, store it out of reach. Cabinets and drawers below counter level need to be secured with high quality latches specific to your cabinetry. Although latches are installed try as much as possible to store all chemicals and poisons (e.g Cleaning products) out of reach of children. Also, keep knives and sharp objects toward the back of drawers. Other possible child proofing solutions to secure a kitchen would be for example, to install self close electrical outlets, outlet plugs, power strip covers, or carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Call 888.481.7233 and book an appointment with our Baby Safe Homes safety professional nearest to you. Baby Safe Homes, baby proofing, tailored to YOUR needs!

Safely installing baby latches on cabinets

Safely installing baby latches on cabinets Cabinets can hide objects that are harmless to an adult who knows how to properly use them, but that are extremely dangerous for a baby or a toddler. Cabinets can store knives or poisonous substances that your child could get a hold of and ingest. They can also be easily opened or closed putting your son or daughter at risk of getting their finger stuck between the door. All these hazards pose a threat that can be eliminated by safely installing baby latches on cabinets. Adhesive magnet baby latches prove to be extremely popular with DIY parents because this particular format is considered not only effective, but also simple to use and to install. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Not only do most products easily break, but they also end up ruining furniture, leaving their mark long after they have been removed and are no longer needed. Pictured below is a perfect example of a DIY job gone wrong.                                                                       This broken adhesive magnet baby latch was installed by our customer thinking it would serve his family well, and not damage their cabinets. Unfortunately, as can be seen, this product not only broke, but permanently ruined the surface it was placed on. Baby Safe Homes intervened by baby proofing the rest of the home and replacing the pictured broken adhesive magnet locks. It is extremely important to choose the proper latch for your cabinetry. Adhesive latches may sound like a good idea, but the […]

Babies R Us Cabinet and Drawer Baby Safety Latches

  A customer of ours purchased and installed these latches into their home one week before we arrived to professionally baby proof their house.  The latches are such poor quality, they were ALL broken by the time I arrived.  We replaced them all with our high quality baby safe cabinet and drawer locks and our client has not had an issue since.   Please do not waste your time and money purchasing cheap, poor quality products from your local baby store.  Let Baby Safe Homes install the quality products correctly the first time. You can check our some of our quality latches in our photo gallery. If you have cabinets and drawers that need baby proofing or for any other childproofing needs, please contact your local Baby Safe Homes babyproofing specialist.  We are here to help make your home baby safe.   Find YOUR Baby Proofer!

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