Balconies and windows According to statistics each year, more than 2.5 million children are treated in emergency rooms for fall-related injuries. These falls may occur from stairs, but also from balconies and windows. Baby Safe Homes cannot stress enough the fact that the best tool you have for preventing injury to your child is your undivided attention. Childproofing or safety devices NEVER replace the supervision of a responsible adult. That said, they do add a layer of protection, and it’s therefore very important to follow these guidelines. First of all examine window areas carefully to make sure that children cannot climb on anything (e.g. furniture or beds) that would place them in danger of falling out an open window. Secondly, secure any dangling cords from blinds and install child safe window guards if you plan on opening windows during warm weather. Finally, it is important to choose the correct window safety devise for your child based on his/her age and skill level. Please remember that window screens cannot hold the weight of a child who pushes against them, so we advise you not to rely on them to prevent falls. Contact your local Baby Safe Homes safety specialist for more information regarding the best window safety device suited for YOUR needs. Call 888.481.7233