We are often asked what can be done about stair banisters that are too far apart pose a falling hazard for their baby or toddler.  Rule of thumb is that any distance more than 2 3/8″ apart can pose a safety hazard.  Baby crib slats and approved safety gates also use the 2 3/8″ rule for their products.  They questions then becomes, what should be done? There are several options, some better than others.  Some manufacturers offer a type of netting that can be zip tied to the baluster posts.  This is not my favorite options as the netting can not typically be pulled and mounted tight enough and then the netting creates a new safety hazard.  Your giving your toddler something to climb up and over the stair railing. The better and safer option (aside from replacing your baluster posts) is to cover your baluster posts with Plexiglas or a Banister Shield.  Plexiglas is more rigid, more attractive, last longer and is nicest of the two options.  The downfall of Plexiglas is that it is expensive and difficult to custom cut and install. The other option is a Stair Banister Shield.  This is a clear plastic material which comes as a role in varying lengths.  It can be cut to length with scissors and attached to your baluster posts with zip ties. Here are some photos of a recent installation : If you have questions about your stair banister or balusters, please give us a call.  We are happy to assist and advise. 888.481.7233 Click Map for a Baby Safe Homes Baby Proofing Location Near You: