Kitchen Safety for your Child Preventing Burns, Scalds and Poisoning. The kitchen is one of the most dangerous rooms of the home.  Many children have been severely burned, scalded or poisoned due to their kitchen curiosity.  Well, it’s hard to take the curiosity out of the child but is is possible to make the kitchen a safer environment for them.  The safest thing to do would be to keep little ones completely out of the kitchen by installing baby gates to prevent their entry.  Understanding that this is not feasible or practical in most homes, we will offer some tips to help keep children safe in the kitchen. Little ones get curious about what is being cooked on top of the stove.  To minimize the chance of them getting burned or scalded, be sure to cook on the back burners and keeping pot handles turned inward.  Be sure when moving pots or pans from stove to sink or counter, there are no little ones underfoot. Installing an oven lock can help prevent children from opening a hot oven door. There are many different style locks so you will have to find the right one for your oven door.  Unfortunately these can be very difficult to find for professional series ovens such as Wolf, Thermador, Viking and other professional ovens.  Some self-cleaning ovens often have locks that help prevent a child from opening the oven door. Keep the door locked even when the oven isn’t on. Be careful of freestanding stoves.  If a child stands on an open door the stove can tip over. Be sure to install the anti-tipping device that comes with freestanding stoves. Children like to stand on open oven doors, giving them great access […]