Childproofing a deck Although decks can be a beautiful and relaxing element to any home, they can pose serious dangers for babies and toddlers. Young children may easily become trapped between railings or even worse, slip through and fall. When childproofing a deck it is important to consider the actual decoration and layout of the railings: The distance (at the widest point) between them should be no more than 4”, while the height should not be lower than 36”. If this is the case with your home deck, an effective solution to childproof the area would be to correct the wide-spaced rails by either installing additional rails, netting, or a Plexiglass/Banister shield alongside the railing.     Also, as with areas surrounding stairs, windows and balconies, this is also a situation in which it’s important to remove all furniture or objects to close to the railings in order to avoid a child using them as climbing structures. Please remember that childproofing or safety devices never replace the supervision of a responsible adult. Yes, childproofing and safety devices do add a layer of protection, but a young child should never be left unattended in a deck or balcony area. Contact your local Baby Safe Homes safety specialist for all of your childproofing needs regarding decks, balconies, stairs, windows and more. Call 888.481.7233