Baby Gate installation in Phoenix, AZ. Childproofing Made Easy Pictured below is a child safety gate installed by a Baby Safe Homes safety professional in Phoenix, Arizona to keep a child or toddler from falling down the stairs. We needed to customize the installation kit to accommodate the clients unique staircase using only the BEST quality safety gates available. According to the latest study on the subject, of the roughly 932,000 children under 5 who were hurt on staircases, babies of 12 months or younger were at highest risk, placing stairs as the number one cause of injury for 1 year old children in the United States. To book an appointment or a FREE QUOTE with our Phoenix baby safety expert (the only licensed, bonded and insured baby safety service serving the area) call or text 888.481.7233. Don’t live in Phoenix, Arizona? Visit our Locations Page and find the expert nearest to you. Visti the JPMA website for more safety information.