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Prevent tip-overs with baby safe furniture straps

Prevent tip-overs with furniture straps Toddlers often see furniture as a fun jungle gym, but their efforts to climb up can throw even heavy pieces off balance. Children ages two to five are the most frequent victims of furniture tip-over incidents, and it is therefore imperative that you anchor all furniture, electronics, and appliances that could potentially fall on top of them. Everything from dressers, to bookshelves to Tv’s (especially flat screen ones) to your child’s changing table, need to be properly secured and anchored with straps like the ones pictured below. Like many other childproofing devices such as baby safety gates or cabinet and drawer locks and latches, it’s important that the safety straps you install are of high quality and do what is required of them. Inappropriate safety straps will only provide a false sense of security and your children could still be at risk of suffering a furniture tip over. Contact your local Baby Safe Homes safety professional to set up an appointment to learn more about our baby proofing solutions. Call 888-481-7233

Baby proofing and DIY

Baby proofing and DIY Baby proofing is not a one-time procedure, but an adopted way of life. You can help keep your family safe by removing dangerous objects that your baby could easily come into contact with when crawling, for example poisonous plants, washing liquid, bleaches, and other items you keep on the floor or in low cabinets. You can also prevent accidents by asking visitors to leave their purses or jackets out of your child’s reach to avoid them getting a hold of prescription medication, lighters, cigarettes, or other everyday objects that could be dangerous if found by a baby. You can lock doors to rooms that hold potential hazards, keep electrical cords and blind cords tied up to avoid choking incidents, and also adjust the water temperature to make sure the hot water doesn’t scald your child. There are many things that can be done by a parent to avoid putting your child in danger, but certain things, such as installing baby gates on stairs or around pools, plexiglas on banisters, child safety locks and furniture straps, are a bit more complicated to put in place by yourself. Products such as child safety gates and safety locks for example, not only come in different shapes and sizes, but in order to safely carry out their purpose, they need to be properly installed. From experience, when such tasks are attempted by non professional, the device is either set up wrong, and is therefore useless, or the walls and furniture are left with extensive damage.                   Baby Safe Home’s trained consultants provide in-home consultations, recommend specialized safety products and provide professional same day installation. Save yourself a lot […]

Furniture Tip Child Safety Straps

Child Safe Furniture Straps According to CPSC every two weeks a child dies from furniture tipping over. Every 24 minutes, one is injured. The truth is, not many families consider furniture as something that needs to be childproofed, but in reality, it’s one of the top hidden hazards lurking inside your home. Furniture such as dressers, changing tables and bookshelves should all be securely strapped to the wall to avoid a child from pulling it on top of his or herself. Heavy items that can easily fall over need to be pushed back as far as possible, and tall ones, such as lamps, need to be secured too. Flat-screen televisions are what most people normally overlook: They seem out of reach, and too light to cause an issue. and not as overwhelming as old television sets used to be, people tend to leave them as they are. The truth is that a TV is probably what catches a child’s attention the most, and as flat and light as they may seem, if they fall from a considerable height, on top of a small child, they will most definitely cause injuries. Contact your local Baby Safe Homes safety professional for more information regarding tipping hazards and quality safety straps for your TV’s, furniture, dressers, changing tables and bookshelves. Keep your children free from tipping hazards: Call 888.481.7233

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Baby Proofing a Home

Baby proofing a home Windows and stairs are the first things that come to mind when thinking of baby proofing a home, but they are not the only things you need to keep in check when you have a small child running around. The kitchen holds many hazards, as do bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms and laundry rooms. Although childproofing or safety devices never replace the supervision of a responsible adult, they do add a layer of protection to your family’s security. Easy to use child proof cabinet and drawer locks for example can help keep little hands away from cutlery in the kitchen, or medication in the bathroom. Just as safety straps for TV’s and furniture will avoid heavy, dangerous items falling on top of your child. Some of these safety devices may be found in stores, but you can never be sure of their quality, and their installations may be complicated and time consuming. Our products are certified, tested and professionaly installed. Don’t waste time, money and energy on low quality items that may pose more of a threat than a solution. Contact your local Baby Safe Homes safety professional for a complete walk-through of your home and for a detailed, itemized estimate of the amount of baby proofing best suited for your needs. Enjoy time with your child, and let us take care of your family’s safety. Call 888.481.7233

Furniture and TV Tipping Hazards

Tipping hazards Tipping hazards are causing preventable accidents to children daily. According to statistics in fact, 71 children per day are injured by tipping furniture. 1 child every 2 weeks DIES from falling TVs, furniture, and appliances. Child proofing doesn’t just extend to baby gates around stairs or with window safety devices, it needs to be applied to TV sets and furniture too. Secure top-heavy furniture, and furniture with doors, drawers or shelves to prevent a child from pulling the drawers all the way out. This will in fact cause the weight to shift, making it easier for the dresser to tip over. Remember to never leave toys, gadgets or any other objects your child may be interested in, on top of tall furniture. Try as much as possible to keep your child’s attention away from that area of the room.   Please note that flat screen TV’s are becoming the leading cause of these types of accidents. This may be because parents wrongly see them as being to thin and light to pose an actual risk. This common misconception is causing children to be hurt daily all across the country. Yes they are lighter than CRT televisions, but falling from a height on top of a toddler or a young child, they can still cause terrible injuries, if not death. Make sure your home is as safe as possible by securing top-heavy furniture, television sets, changing tables, bookshelves and other potential tipping hazards to the wall with quality furniture straps. Contact your local Baby Safe Homes safety professional for a consultation to learn more about tipping hazards and what we can do to help your family feel safe inside their home. Call 888.481.7233  

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