If you have a flat screen TV (or older tube TV for that matter), it may be one of the biggest falling (tipping) hazards in your home.  Tip overs involve heavy objects falling on an individual as a result of some type of interaction with it. For example, climbing or pulling on the product while it is in a position of normal use. This interaction with the product results in the center of gravity of the product changing. When the product falls on an individual, the injuries are typically crushing or compressing in nature. Some Facts to Consider Each year, approximately 24 children die from tip over-related injuries. Each year, more than 19,000 children are treated in Emergency Departments for tip over-related injuries Over 50% of tip over injuries and deaths involve children ages 3 years and under. 72% of these ED treated injuries and 63% of these fatalities occurred in the home. Television tip overs represented about 34% of fatalities and 37% of the ED treated injuries reported. What Can I Do? If you have one of these hazards in your home, the SAFEST solution is to properly wall mount the TV.  It will prevent the tipping hazard and keep it out of your child’s reach.  If wall mounting is not an option, strapping the TV directly to the wall (as shown below) with specially designed TV safety straps is the next best option.  The final, option is to strap the TV to a sturdy stand designed for the size of your television set.   Who Can I Call? If you need assistance MOUNTING your TV to the wall, a local AV company or the Geek Squad can assist you. If you need assistance STRAPPING […]