Summertime Child Safety: Staying Cool in the Pool Article Posted on By Robert Lockheimer Advanced Certified Professional Childproofer Founder and President, Baby Safe Homes The summer months are a favorite time for most families. Warm weather, BBQs, time off from school and countless family gatherings – summer truly has a lot going for it. Amidst all the fun this time of year brings, it’s even more important to keep pool safety in mind and create layers of protection to keep your family safe. Layers of protection to prevent drowning should include adult supervision, higher door latches or exit alarms, a four-sided pool fence, family safety rules and CPR training to ensure your children’s safety and the next few months remain carefree and fun. Designate Water Watchers Constant adult supervision is always a requirement for pool safety. Children under five years of age or learning to swim should have an adult in the water at all times. Designate an adult to be a water watcher to ensure someone’s eyes are always on the children and the water even if a lifeguard is present. There are often many distractions at pools and drowning is silent, so parental supervision, in addition to the lifeguards, is very important in keeping children safe around water. Water Watchers can be designated by a lanyard or whistle, changed every 15 minutes and should not be reading or using their phone. The lanyard can be handed off to a new person if the designated one needs a break. Make your own Water Watcher Card! For an extra layer of protection, higher door latches or exit alarms can be installed on doors and windows in the home leading to the pool keeping little ones […]