Bathroom safety and toilet locks We’ve talked about baby proofing stairs and kitchens and windows, but let’s not forget that bathrooms need baby proofing too. The American Academy of Pediatrics warns that toilets are a much overlooked drowning hazard to children in the home. Young children are in fact curious and uncoordinated, if they fall head first in the toilet it’s very difficult for them to have the strength to pull themselves back out. The easiest way to childproof a toilet is to keep the door shut and secured at all times. This may seem like a simple enough thing to do, but are you 100% sure you’ll remember to do that every single time you finish using the bathroom? What if you’re in a hurry and have other things running through your head and forget to lock it? What about family members or guests, will they always remember to lock the door when they leave? All this worrying can be solved by installing a toilet latch. Most people hate installing toilet locks as they are not very pretty and a bit inconvenient, but it’s the best solution to keep your child’s curious hands out of the toilet and reduce drowning hazards. Other bathroom safety items include spout cushions and shower locks. To learn more about bathroom safety please read our ‘Baby safety tips – Room by Room‘ guide and call 888.481.7233 to book an appointment with your local Baby Safe Home safety professional.