Top of Stairs Baby Gate – Irvine, CA

The staircase picture below may look steep to you as an adult, so imagine what it may look like to a small child, and what the consequences of him or she falling from this height may be.

Stairs are one of the main hazards for children between six months (or when they start to crawl) and two years of age so having a gate properly installed during this period of time is crucial in keeping them safe.

Baby gate for top of stairs

Baby gate correctly installed at the top of a staircase

The baby safety gate pictured above was properly mounted to the banister post using a no holes banister kit to avoid causing damage to the walls and furniture, but also mounted in a way that allows the gate to be close enough to the floor so as not to pose a falling or entrapment hazard. The distance between the gate and the floor is in fact extremely important, and unfortunately not everybody is aware of that.
As professional babyproofers, we see a lot of installations carried out by parents or by people who, although with the best intentions, mount a baby gate to far from the floor, not realizing that a baby with the ability to crawl will be able to make his way under the gate and access the staircase. Furthermore, as the child gets older and becomes a toddler, the gap under the gate could easily become an entrapment or strangulation hazard.
Improperly installed baby gates not only provide a false sense of security but, as just explained, may also pose a safety hazard. This is why it is so important to hire a professional that knows the correct gate to install for your specific needs but also knows how to install the baby gate correctly.

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