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I would like to introduce myself and my daughter to Central Texas as the new owners of the Baby Safe Homes franchise child proofing greater Central Texas and based out of Austin. I am Danny Kozelsky working alongside my daughter Veronica Johnson. We are both native Texans. I was born in Houston and spent most of my early years there until getting married. After the expected arrival of our first child, Veronica, my wife and I moved to our parents’ hometown of Moulton, TX where we resided for the next 20 years. My children are now age 28 and 25, Veronica being the oldest, and my son Cliff is 25, so I have years of experience raising two kiddos, including an adventurous (and sometimes fearless) young boy!

I almost don’t like telling this story as it could have been very tragic, but it involves my daughter and she gave me the ok. When she was almost 2 years old, I was in the yard practicing my golf swing, which I did almost daily. As I was swinging a few practice swings with a metal 3 wood (for you golfers, you know what this is- if not, just ask a friend and they can describe it to you), I swung really fast, and I think you can guess where this is going….somehow little Veronica managed to get out of the house, slip past her mom, and before I knew it walked right in front of a full swing in progress. At that point all I could do is pull up on the swing as fast as possible. Yes, I hit her in the forehead, but with God’s grace, it was luckily only on the shaft and on an upward glance. Of course, this was enough to create a golf ball sized knot on her head, and what felt like a life ending heart attack for me! We rushed her to the ER, and again, with God on our side, she was just fine with a big knot that just needed some ice and time to subside. Point of this story is that after this horrible experience, I was always aware of making sure the kids stayed in safe areas. I felt like a pioneer of this industry when I myself began attempting to childproof our home on my own, with no knowledge, resources or products available at the time.

Needless to say, I struggled and tried several different things before some finally worked. Having worked in the building supply industry and consumer electronics industry most of my life, I’m very familiar with the construction of homes and the areas in and around a home that pose as possible dangers for infants and young children. Thus, I’m very excited to bring my experience, knowledge and Baby Safe Homes services to those parents out there that may be in the same position I was in 25 years ago- wanting to protect your children the best way you possibly can, but not knowing where to start or how to choose the right products and trying to determine what’s most suitable for your home and family. It’s really amazing how the baby safety industry has progressed, but most importantly, it’s the knowledge and expertise that we bring to you and your family to help protect your children. At this time, reflecting back on all the years raising my children and wanting nothing more than to protect them, I’m really excited to now have a business where I’m able to help other parents, like yourself, with something I feel so passionate about.

Veronica is also ecstatic to be a part of Baby Safe Homes and to bring her knowledge and experience to help assist parents with this very important need. Veronica has been involved in safety-related job functions and in the medical industry in Austin and surrounding areas for several years, being employed by an electric cooperative, where part of her role was teaching children electrical safety, and then being employed by a major urgent care facility. During her years of experience, she has gained knowledge of electrical hazards, learned how to prevent hazards and has also seen, first-hand, the common injuries in children. All of this makes her a great asset to our team. In addition, Veronica also loves working with parents, families and children in community, school and volunteer events. Participating in hands-on events is something we would love to do more of and we welcome any opportunities to come out and speak to or work with a group to help educate or just answer any questions.

We look forward to helping all the families in Austin and the Central Texas area in any way we can. We believe that if we can help bring peace-of-mind to a new parent or a family as they begin their new journey with their child, then we will make a positive impact on their future and we can only hope to always be a little part of their family too.

Child Proofing: Austin, Westlake, Bee Caves, Lakeway, Dripping Springs, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown, Wimberley, San Marcos, Buda, Kyle, Cedar Park, Leander, Johnson City, Blanco, Spicewood, Marble Falls, Lockhart, Luling, and other areas surrounding Austin, Texas.

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Thank you very much for making my house a safer place for my twin girls. You did a wonderful job! Everything works great, and I’m starting to appreciate all the devices even more as the girls get better at getting into things. I will certainly recommend Baby Safe Homes to all of my friends with kids and my patients.
Elena F., M.D., Pediatrician
Thank you for helping us babyproof our new home. I loved that you gave us all the options and didn’t push anything on us and allowed us to pick what we felt was necessary. Also, I couldn’t believe how quick everything was finished. Within a few days of speaking with you, you came out and installed everything in just 2 hours! Our stair gates look and work great! My last experience in gate installation when I did it myself at our previous home was a nightmare multiple trips to different stores, frustrating hours spent putting up and taking down gates that didn’t work, holes in the wall…well you get the picture. I wish I had heard of you before and I will definitely recommend you to all of my family and friends. Thanks again.
Raquel, Zach and Noah
Hi all. I just wanted to let you know that we recently used Baby Safe Homes to childproof our house. More than a few friends referred us to this company and I can’t speak highly enough it. Robert, the business owner, came to our house for a consultation, made recommendations, and did immediate installation. He was very honest and didn’t pressure us to buy or install anything we didn’t feel we needed to. Prior to our appointment, I researched baby-proofing products and he doesn’t sell the product for any more than what I found it for online.
If you have an infant ready to crawl (as we do) I’d highly recommend Baby Safe Home.
Keely B
Baby Safe Homes was an absolute pleasure to work with. I felt so overwhelmed by the process of babyproofing I procrastinated until my 8 month old was on the go. Within a few short days of my initial call Baby Safe Homes came out, gave me the guidance I needed, and proofed my entire house with top of the line products all within a 2 1/2 hour period. I would have made such a mess of the job had I done it myself I think I actually saved money in the long run. I can actually get more done now without constantly stopping to chase my son!
Stacie S
Many people put-off baby proofing because they do not have the time- there is absolutely no excuse for that. I have taken care of patients who have their babies fall down stairs, choke on door stoppers, and pull down furniture onto themselves. This can be prevented. And the service is very affordable- the only additional cost versus doing it yourself is the labor cost (the cost of all products is the same as buying them at the store). It would have cost me more to repair all the damage I would have done to my cabinets and walls!

Thank you to Baby Safe Homes for providing an excellent service to me and my patients.

Shakha G. MD, Coast Pediatrics