Window Safety Guard for Baby Proofing Your House

Kids are more valuable for parents that’s why it is the biggest responsibility for them to ensure their safety and protect them from serious accidents. When babies start crawling they become more exploring and replicating we have to be more attentive to avoid the unconditional accidents at that time. Make your home safe for your babies and provide them a baby safety environment.

The American Academy of Pediatrics stated that every year over 5,000 fell from the window. Window falls are the very common hazards and also it is easy to baby proof them. It is important for parents to learn how to protect their kids from risks of window falls. Experts suggest parents not to seal windows permanently by installing window gates, bars or paintings window shut.

Baby safe homes offer a lot of safety products for baby proofing windows of your home to avoid accidents. These devices for windows help little kids from falling out of windows and provide the best protection to secure them. Purchasing window safety products help you to secure open windows at a safe height and can remove quickly in emergencies. Baby safe homes recommend different ways to protect your child from windows and make your home safe for them.

Different ways to childproof your Windows

Childproof Window Locks

To childproof windows, the most effective way is to lock all of them. There are different types of locks for all types of windows for sliding windows or double hung window locks. These locks are easy to install and the best way to childproof your windows.

Childproof Window Guards

The government’s Consumer Product Safety Commission suggests to install window safety guards to windows if you have a baby in your house. These are grille type guards that are suitable for all kinds of windows. These guards are hard to open for kids, but adults can easily open them in case of any emergency like a house fire.

childproof window guards

Childproof Window Screens

It’s great that your windows are secured with glass, but it is also a risk of serious injury that your toddler can break that glass. Tempered glass will break into tiny chunks than jagged shards which are safer than regular glass. For low windows use protective film to ensure that it will become more protective or else you can use window guards to childproof window screen.

Childproof window screen

Childproof Window Stops

Window Stops help you to control the window opening size by attaching them with suction. These are like wedge products that prevent the window from opening a certain point. The main advantage of window stoppers is that they are visually discrete but they also have a disadvantage that window has a limited space for opening. These can be single hung, double hung and sliding windows. It stops your kids from opening the window by wedging it shut.

childproof window stops

Talk to your children about the dangers with window if you don’t want them to play in windows.

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