Safety gate in archway to prohibit child access to dining room

  A couple of weeks ago a note stuck on a dining room door and shared online by Nick Denbow,17, went viral. The note, written by his mother, announced to him and his siblings that the family’s living room “has been cleaned for the holidays and is officially closed until Thanksgiving.” This interaction between a mother and her children is a clear indication that she was fed up of having kids mess up an area of the house that she would have preferred be off limits to games and toys. In this case, the children were old enough to read her message, but in case of babies and toddlers, let a baby gate do the talking! Pictured below is an extra-wide large sectional child safety gate recently installed by Baby Safe Homes San Diego.     The gate was placed in an archway to prohibit child access to the formal living room and dining room of this beautiful home. As much as we love our children, there are certain areas of the house in which we do not wish them to enter. Some areas may be excluded for safety reasons (for example stairs, kitchens and laundry rooms), but others may be excluded for the fear that they may accidentally break something valuable. Whatever the reason behind you wanting to keep your baby safely confined in a certain room of the house, Baby Safe Homes has a wide range of baby safety gates that will fit all your needs. Contact us to book an appointment, or for more information on how we childproof a home. Contact Baby Safe Homes San Diego at 760.500.1400 Or call 888.481.7233 to find a baby proofer near you! 

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Kitchen safety

Kitchen safety Baby Safe Homes performs a complete walk-through of your home and provides a detailed, itemized estimate of what we think would best baby proof your home. It is then entirely up to you to decide how much or how little work you would like to have done. Let’s take as an example kitchen safety tips and recommendations. To steer clear of tipping hazards, anchor floor standing ovens to the floor. To check your oven, grab the back of the oven and pull forward or open the oven door and push down. The oven should not tip forward. Keep dishwasher locked or install an appliance latch. If latching is not possible, point sharp utensils downward. Do not add dish washing detergent until you plan to run the washer, and when not using it, store it out of reach. Cabinets and drawers below counter level need to be secured with high quality latches specific to your cabinetry. Although latches are installed try as much as possible to store all chemicals and poisons (e.g Cleaning products) out of reach of children. Also, keep knives and sharp objects toward the back of drawers. Other possible child proofing solutions to secure a kitchen would be for example, to install self close electrical outlets, outlet plugs, power strip covers, or carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Call 888.481.7233 and book an appointment with our Baby Safe Homes safety professional nearest to you. Baby Safe Homes, baby proofing, tailored to YOUR needs!

Safe and invisible baby proofing

Safe and invisible baby proofing When baby proofing a home, stairs are always at the top of the list of spaces that need to be secured. Small children can fall off them, get caught in between the banisters, or dangerously climb over them. Although a parent’s prerogative is their child’s safety, we do understand the desire to keep your home looking a certain way. What we mean by this is that not all baby safety protections need to be obvious, or, in some cases, a complete eye soar. Believe it or not, it is in fact possible to have a virtually invisible, yet safe, alternative. Pictured below is a decorative iron stair banister. As can be seen, the gaps in the design are more than 3 inches apart and therefore, for the safety of infants and toddlers living, or visiting the home, need to be covered.     A detail that may have escaped most of our readers is that those gaps… are already covered! Plexiglass, the material used on this iron stair banister, is a safe and virtually invisible barrier that will protect your children from dangerous accidents, while at the same time, leaving your home’s aesthetics unaltered. For more information on childproofing stairs, banisters, or other at risk rooms, please contact your local Baby Safe Homes safety professional. We would be happy to assist you with all of your childproofing needs. Call 888.481.7233

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Custom Baby Proofing in Sharonville, Ohio with Baby Safety Gates

Custom Baby Proofing Safety Gates in Sharonville, Ohio Today’s featured custom childproofing job comes to us from Sharonville, Ohio. The bottom baby safety gates match the black spindles.  The safety gate mounting hardware was painted black to match as well. We also used two 9 inch extensions instead of the 24 inch pieces that came with the bottom of the stairs baby safety gate to create a smaller footprint leaving more room at the entry way into the home. Need help baby proofing your home?  One of our trained safety consultant will help create a solution that is tailored to your needs. Safety is just a phone call away. 888.481.7233    

Baby Proofing Safety Gates in Mainville, Ohio

Baby Proofing Safety Gates in Mainville, Ohio We recently installed this baby safety gate in Mainville, Ohio. Baby and Child Proofing starts with what the client needs. The client had a wide contemporary staircase and wanted the child safety gate to be as unobtrusive as possible. Matching the black safety gate to the black spindles was simple. Creating custom clamps for the oversize newel post and reinforcing the side of the kitchen cabinet was another story, but we accomplished this task to the client’s approval.  We then stained all the wood installation hardware with a matching stain.  Our client was very pleased with the results! Need help baby proofing your home?  One of our trained safety consultant will help create a solution that is tailored to your needs. Safety is just a phone call away. 888.481.7233  

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