Baby Proofing Testimonials

“I highly recommend Baby Safe Home to all my patients, and anyone who has a child. Not only is Baby Safe Home convenient and efficient (they completed my house while I went out to breakfast), they provide a life-saving service. They are experts in baby proofing- so they find hazards in your home which you may not even think about. I am a Pediatrician, and even I would have missed some of the baby-proofing which they did. The quality of their products are also superior to many products found in the stores. Many people put-off baby proofing because they do not have the time- there is absolutely no excuse for that. I have taken care of patients who have their babies fall down stairs, choke on door stoppers, and pull down furniture onto themselves. This can be prevented. And the service is very affordable- the only additional cost versus doing it yourself is the labor cost (the cost of all products is the same as buying them at the store). It would have cost me more to repair all the damage I would have done to my cabinets and walls! Thank you to BabySafeHome for providing an excellent service to my patients, and myself.”
Dr. Shakha Gillin, M.D.
“Thank you very much for making my house a safer place for my twin girls. You did a wonderful job! Everything works great, and I’m starting to appreciate all the devices even more as the girls get better at getting into things. I will certainly recommend Baby Safe Home to all of my friends with kids and my patients.”
Dr. Elena Fishman, MD
“Still can’t thank you enough for the amazing baby proofing job you did with my gates.”
Alison M
“Thanks so much for the baby gate installations today! I really appreciate your fast, neat and efficient work! And, thank you for that last gate–you saved me quite a bit a hassle!”
Katherine S.

“Baby Safe Homes was an absolute pleasure to work with. I felt so overwhelmed by the process of bab yproofing I procrastinated until my 8 month old was on the go. Within a few short days of my initial call they came out, gave me the guidance I needed, and proofed my entire house with top of the line products all within a 2 1/2 hour period. I would have made such a mess of the job had I done it myself I think I actually saved money in the long run. I can actually get more done now without constantly stopping to chase my son!”

Stacie S.
“Baby Safe Home’s installation was professional and efficient. They were knowledgeable and helpful. If I ever need baby proofing help again, I will call Baby Safe Home.”
“I’ve been watching my 18 month old grandson several days a week for the last year. I can’t begin to tell you how much peace of mind your banister shield guard has given me. I’m able to put gates at either end of the stairs & the banister shield guard prevents him from falling through the railings. Although I’m always upstairs when he’s upstairs, I felt uncomfortable before we had the shield for the railings. Since it’s a clear material, visitors don’t even notice the shield unless I point it out. I’ve never found the banister shield guard in the local stores. Thank you so much for this wonderful product. “
“Baby Safe Home Installations was professional, fast and very knowledgeable. We have a multi-level home that was proving to be a baby-proofing nightmare. After many unsuccessful trips to Babies-R-Us to find baby gates that would work, I called Baby Safe Home Installations. In one afternoon, my home was safe and I could spend more time enjoying parenting instead of worrying! The safety gate selection was great, as well as other solutions that I did not even know existed. I am very pleased and most importantly my baby is safe!!”
Keira W.
When we moved to our new home, we had a challenging task of putting up six baby gates. For us, time was of the essence; we wanted safety gates that blended in well and were done cleanly. From the initial consultation to the final installation, the experience was stress-free. The owners were very detail-oriented, meticulous and professional in their work, and were honest, open & straightforward in sharing their experiences & knowledge. They made sure to take proper care of their surroundings and adapted to our schedule & needs. And throughout the process, we gained a trustworthy resource to go to for future childproofing needs. Thank you for your help!
“It was a pleasure working with you. I appreciated your opinions and expertise in the baby proofing process. All the gates and latches are working perfectly. Eventually my husband and I will actually remember they are there before we just try to swing the cabinet doors open! “
“Thank you so much for the great followup. My husband and I are so impressed with the work you did. It has made our life so much easier to know our little one can roam freely around our home safely. I wish we would have done it sooner! We will definately be recommending you to our friends.”
Maria W.
“Thanks so much for everything, BabySafeHomes! Ed and I have mentioned several times that we are so glad that we hired you. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you, and we appreciate everything you did to make our home baby safe. We know that if we had attempted to do this ourselves, we never would have gotten around to it, or we would have bought the wrong products, or we would have tried to baby-proof things (e.g. the wine refrigerator) that cannot be baby-proofed (thus, wasting our time looking for the correct equipment). We now have peace of mind, and Gabriel has a much safer home to begin crawling in. We will definitely recommend you to a friend. Thanks for your excellent work!”
“Thank you! Everything works great. I’m so happy with the gate for the Xmas tree and I love how you did the locks on the large file drawers in our “office/playroom” Very creative. Thank you for making our home a more relaxing and safe place.”
“Hi all. I just wanted to let you know that we recently used Baby Safe Home to childproof our house. More than a few friends referred us to this company and I can’t speak highly enough it. Robert, the business owner, came to our house for a consultation, made recommendations, and did immediate installation. He was very honest and didn’t pressure us to buy or install anything we didn’t feel we needed to. Prior to our appointment, I researched baby-proofing products and he doesn’t sell the product for any more than what I found it for online. If you have an infant ready to crawl (as we do) I’d highly recommend Baby Safe Home. You can learn more about his service by visiting or calling him directly at 888.481.7233. Happy (and safe) crawling!”
Keely B.
“I received the Hearth Pad today. WOW! It’s such a high quality material, and with the rounded edges, it actually looks like it belongs on the hearth! I’m just tickled to pieces that I didn’t opt for the less expensive ones out there. I’m so glad I found your auction and will tell all my friends about your auctions. You offer an amazing array of hard-to-find items to protect and enhance the little one’s environment. Thank you so much! This is one time I wish there was more room on the feedback line!“
Roxanne S.
“Thank you for helping us baby proof our new home. I loved that you gave us all the options and didn’t push anything on us and allowed us to pick what we felt was necessary. Also, I couldn’t believe how quick everything was finished- within a few days of speaking with you, you came out and installed everything in just 2 hours! Our stair gates look and work great! My last experience in baby gate installation when I did it myself at our previous home was a nightmare- multiple trips to different stores, frustrating hours spent putting up and taking down gates that didn’t work, holes in the wall…well you get the picture. I wish I had heard of you before and I will definitely recommend you to all of my family and friends. Thanks again.”

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